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Fun & Exciting Games For Dogs And Kids To Play Together

Written by: Renee Moen
| Published on May 1, 2015


“I’m bored!” How many times do kids utter that phrase throughout the year? Dogs get bored just as easily when not properly stimulated. Unlike kids, they don’t have the verbal ability to utter their discontent. They find other ways to express their boredom, usually by way of destruction. Why not have them work out their boredom, together? Not through destruction, but through training games and fun play. There are lots of activities for kids and dogs to do together that will keep them entertained and mentally stimulated at the same time.

Shell game

Items needed for this game are treats, 3-5 heavy cups and a hard surface. Sit down on the floor, cue the dog to sit, facing the cups. Show the dog the treat and place a cup over it. Place two cups on either side of the treat cup and begin rotating the cups around. Finish moving the cups around, line them up and tell the dog to “find it”.  When he finds the treat, give it to him and play again. Vary the game by adding cups or hiding a toy instead.

Run, run as fast as you can

Items needed for this game are two balls and tons of energy. Sit on the floor, show the dog one ball, and roll it to the left. As soon as the dog brings the ball back, roll the second ball to the right. Keep doing this, in rapid succession for about ten minutes. Dogs that enjoy fetch will love this variation.

Double bubble

Items needed for this game are a bubble machine and a sense of fun! Who doesn’t love bubbles? Most dogs enjoy chasing the elusive soap orbs and most kids enjoy trying to catch them. If a bubble machine isn’t available, then wave a bubble wand in the air. The effect is still the same, dogs and kids, chasing, catching and popping bubbles; high value entertainment for a very low price.

Roll away

Only one item is needed for this game, a ball. The object is to roll the ball quickly between a dogs legs; the dog needs to figure out how to get the ball before it gets to him. It’s a little like bowling, except the one rolling actually wants a gutter ball.

Dance, dance, dance

There are dozens of videos on YouTube highlighting the newest dog sport, doggy dancing. All that is needed is lively music and a willing participant. Teach the dog to shake, wiggle, prance and get up on two legs. He might even be willing to wear a tutu, if the mood is right.

There are hundreds of ways kids and dogs can interact and amuse each other. All it takes is a little ingenuity and a willingness to be entertained.


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