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Devastated Golden Retriever Gets A Gift To Help Ease His Pain & Loneliness

| Published on May 26, 2023

Because of a custody agreement, Walker could no longer see his pal, Willow, as much as before. The Golden Retrievers were inseparable and around each other at all times. Now all of a sudden, there were weeks at a time they’d have to go their separate ways. This left Walker absolutely devastated…


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video


The Golden Retriever would just sit around and mope as sad as could be. So his owners decided to do something drastic about it; They would bring another dog into the house to fill that void in his life! The little brother was presented to him as a complete surprise, and their first meeting is so precious. See Walker and Waylon together in the video below! 🙂


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