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Tennessee Becomes The First State Ever To Create Animal Abuse Registry

| Published on November 13, 2015

Good news, animal lovers! By January of next year, Tennessee will be the first ever state in the nation to launch a statewide registry for convicted animal abusers! The registry can be seen by the public and can be viewed online.

It was May of this year when the Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act was officially passed. So those who are convicted of any animal abuse will have his/her name and photo recorded and posted for the public to see.

Representative Darren Jernigan says, “If you’re gonna pull a dog behind a truck, if you’re gonna burn a cat, if you’re gonna commit severe animal cruelty, then there needs to be some consequences to your actions.

Watch the video below for the full story.

We sure hope that the other states will follow. With the alarming number of animal abuse we hear in the news, we hope that this will help in reducing animal abuse and will raise public awareness.

Read the full Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act HERE.

You can read more of this story at Huffington Post.

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