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Is Your Border Collie a Picky Eater? Try This Simple Hack.

Written by: Tarit
| Published on July 20, 2023

Border Collies are so incredibly varied in their personalities. While some scarf down any food scrap in sight, others have a more picky (or shall we say, “refined”) palate, and quickly tire of their everyday dog food. What can be done when your border collie decides to stop eating their food, or is no longer excited about it?

The Dog Food Topper Craze and the Dangers of Many Food Toppers for Your Border Collie

Food toppers have become incredibly popular in the pet food/treat industry in recent years, but the concept isn’t anything new. For hundreds of years, many dog owners have thrown human leftovers of some kind into their dog’s food bowl.

While this often gets the job done, it also exposes your dog to unnecessary salt and ingredients that humans have no problem processing, but that a dog’s body is not designed for.

If you’re going to top your border collie’s regular food with something tastier, how can you ensure the topper ingredient(s) are as healthy as possible?

A Google search of the term “dog food toppers” results in thousands of results. One popular name brand food topper contains a whopping 87% water. Not exactly worth paying for, in our opinion.

The recent dog food and treat trend toward limited ingredients is a great sign, as many dog owners are becoming increasingly conscious of what goes into their dog’s body.

Most dog food contains an unnecessarily high amount of carbohydrates. Why? Because all those grains are cheap and a great filler, bringing the cost down, but also the nutrition along with it.

The (Healthy) Food Topper Border Collie’s Really Want

Real meat isn’t cheap, but it’s what the ancestors of dog’s were designed to eat in the wild. And not cooked meat, but raw, nutrient-packed meat.

For many people, the thought of feeding their dogs raw meat seems gross and unsafe. But a dog’s short digestive system is far different than a human’s, and is able to process raw meat without any problems.

With that said, many dog owners opt for a freeze dried raw meat product, which is far safer, less messy and significantly more convenient. (Freeze drying maintains 98% of the nutrients, without the use of chemicals to preserve it)

Are Freeze Dried Meat Toppers Right for Your Border Collie?

Earlier this year, when my dog began to tire of her (expensive) everyday dog food, I gave raw freeze dried toppers a try. What happened next amazed me. Instead of her lazily free-feeding her food over a period of 24 hours, she quickly gobbled down the majority of the bowl in minutes. The topper I used actually coats her existing kibble and boosts both the flavor and nutrition. The topper is also available on Amazon Prime.

It was my personal experience, and the experience of many other dog owners I talked to, that led us to create our line of freeze dried raw treat toppers here at iHeartDogs.

I’d highly encourage you to look into the benefits of freeze dried meat toppers but most importantly, I’d encourage you to make sure whatever you top your dog’s food with is healthy and safe for the long-term. After all, a border collie’s life is short enough, they deserve the absolute best!

Available on iHeartDogs here

or on Amazon

Also available on Amazon Prime

Frequently Asked Questions about Your Border Collie’s Dog Food Topper

What can I give my picky border collie?

Border Collie’s can easily tire of the same food each and every day. Some dog owners like to occassionally top their dog’s food with chicken, eggs, or ground beef. While this will definitely increase the palatability of your border collie’s food, they may just simply pick out the good stuff. Many border collie owners have found great success with freeze dried dog food toppers. Since the meat is a powder, it coats your existing dog food kibble and improves the flavor. Your dog won’t even know its the same food!

How can I get my border collie to eat their food?

It’s normal for your border collie to tire of their everyday food. Just imagine if you ate the same thing each and every day! One strategy for improving your border collie’s appetite for their everyday food is to use a freeze dried meat dog food topper. If the topper is made in a powder form, it will coat their existing food and boost the flavor. As with any change to your dog’s diet, make sure to introduce the topper slowly, and consider using a probiotic to help strengthen your dog’s digestive system and reduce the chances of diarrhea.

Are border collie’s picky / finicky eaters?

In our experience, many border collie’s can be fussy eaters. But you can’t blame them, who would want to eat the same exact meal every day? Many border collie owners find success by rotating different freeze dried meat toppers over their border collie’s food. Since the meat is powderized, your border collie can’t just pick out the good stuff. The topper boosts the flavor of your border collie’s regular food.

What fruits or vegetables can my border collie eat?

Feeding your dog fresh fruits and vegetables (if they’ll eat them) is a great idea! Most store bought pet food is heavily processed, so by adding fresh food to your dog’s bowl, you’ll boost the flavor and nutrition. Some great options for border collies are carrots, blueberries, and kale or spinach. If your dog wont’ eat fresh fruits or veggies, consider buying a freeze dried dog food topper that incorporates fruits and veggies into the formula. By using a meat based topper, you’re more likely to get your border collie to eat them. And freeze drying maintains 98% of the nutrients found in fresh foods.

Available on iHeartDogs here

Available on iHeartDogs here

or on Amazon

Also available on Amazon Prime

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