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Is Your Dog Safe When Home Alone? 5 Tips You MUST Know

Written by: Renee Moen
| Published on March 26, 2014

shutterstock_121608073It’s been a very long day, the last thing an owner needs when walking in the house is to find a huge mess. Garbage strewn across the floor, pillows emptied, a favorite pair of shoes obliterated. What would be worse is coming home and finding the dog unconscious from something he got into. Below are five easy tips to keep dogs safe while they’re home alone.

Set Limits

To crate or not to crate, that is a tricky question. Some owners would prefer to crate their dogs. They say that crating not only provides security from their dogs getting into anything, but also gives them a safe haven to relax. Opponents to the crate would prefer their dogs have free roam of the house. Whichever an owner chooses, there needs to be boundaries set for the dog, shut doors to off limit rooms or secure them behind a closed door or a locked baby gate.

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Before Leaving

Take the dog on a fast paced walk. Owners should wear out their dogs before going out; make sure they are good and tired. If the dogs have been well exercised the chances of them getting into anything that could harm them will drop. A frozen Kong filled with peanut butter will keep a chewer occupied for a couple hours at least. This is also helpful for dogs who suffer from mild separation anxiety. If they are tired and occupied they may not cry as much. For more severe cases of separation anxiety contact a certified professional dog trainer.

Take Precaution

Dogs are smart. Bored dogs are smarter. Avoid the nosiness of a dog by being one step ahead of them. Child proof the cupboards to keep them from getting into the cleaning supplies or the stash of Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls they know are in there. Either one could be harmful to a dog if consumed. Some dogs know how to work doorknobs to get into forbidden rooms. Knob protectors will come in handy for the paws that can’t quite squeeze hard enough to turn.

Helpful Hint

Certain breeds like to dig in the garbage. Better to do it when the humans are away, not as much yelling. Switch out an uncovered can with a covered one and place a heavy object in the bottom such as a small cinderblock before putting a bag in. By weighting down the can, it makes the garbage harder to knock over and rummage through.

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Final Note

If the dog is a chewer, make sure all electrical cords up out of reach. A chewer is a chewer, doesn’t matter the material a dog will gnaw on it until they find something better to gnaw on. A live electrical cord could cause serious injury to a dog looking to exercise their jaw muscles. Give the dog appropriate chew toys that won’t fall apart while the owner is out.

Whether it is a new puppy or a seasoned adult, there comes a time when a dog will be left alone. With a few quick adjustments, owners will have peace of mind knowing their dogs are safe and happy.

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