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Woman Carries Basket To Dog Who Lost Her Will To Live, And She Beams

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on December 28, 2023

When a kind-hearted couple, Kim and Paul, heard about three tiny puppies abandoned on someone’s porch, they knew they had to step in and help. The puppies were just one day old, and their chances of survival were slim. However, the couple was determined to fight for these helpless creatures as long as the puppies were willing to fight too. The fragile puppies were found covered in fleas and in desperate need of care. Kim and Paul provided round-the-clock attention, feeding and monitoring the puppies every hour.


The couple named the puppies Hope, Wish, and Spirit. Hope was the largest of the three and always seemed to make Kim and Paul hopeful. Spirit, the smallest, had the most spunk, while Wish received her name due to the couple’s wish for all three puppies to be okay.

As Kim and Paul were caring for the puppies, they also took in a dog named Jersey Girl. She was hit by a car and had obviously just given birth, but her babies were nowhere to be found. Jersey Girl was heartbroken and seemed to have given up on life. The director of the rescue organization, Devlyn, had an idea. If they could find a calm and nurturing lactating mother, perhaps she could adopt the three abandoned puppies. With Jersey Girl’s milk supply still present, she seemed like the perfect candidate.


When Jersey Girl was brought to Kim and Paul’s home, she was initially unresponsive and unwilling to move. She seemed to have lost her purpose in life, having been separated from her own puppies. Her depression was evident, and Paul spent most of his time lying with the dog, hoping he could somehow convince her that life was still worth living. Sadly, however, Jersey Girl didn’t improve. That was until she heard the cries of Hope, Wish, and Spirit, and her demeanor instantly changed.

Kim and Paul slowly introduced the puppies to Jersey Girl, and she immediately embraced her new role as their mother. The difference in Jersey Girl’s spirit from one day to the next was astounding – she had found purpose again in caring for these abandoned puppies.


Together, Kim, Paul, and Jersey Girl nurtured Hope, Wish, and Spirit back to health. This heartwarming story of rescue and redemption shows the power of love and determination in the face of adversity. With the help of compassionate humans and a dedicated dog mom, these once-abandoned puppies have been given a new chance at life. As Kim says in the video below, “Jersey Girl helped save the puppies and they rescued her right back!”

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