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Lemonade Helped Bentley Survive A Sudden Illness & They’ll Be There For Your Dog Too

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on September 14, 2022
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When your dog is your best friend, life is pretty great. You’ve always got an attentive buddy to dine with come mealtime, and there’s always a wagging tail and sweet smile waiting to greet you when you come home from work. And no matter what you’re into, whether you and your pup are homebodies who love snuggling on the couch or you’re both adventure hounds, having your dog by your side makes existence so sweet. No one brightens your day quite like your furry one. But as we’ve all learned, every day can’t be perfect.  

Just ask Bentley. He’s a one-year-old Bernedoodle whose good life took a harrowing turn he and his family certainly weren’t expecting when he contracted meningitis. In addition to the emotional turmoil of a sick fur baby, the emergency vet visit that saved Bentley’s life created a bill of more than three thousand dollars that would have left his family reeling. But with a pet insurance policy through Lemonade, Bentley got back on his paws, and his parents didn’t go broke saving his life.

How Lemonade Helped Bentley Get Better  

One afternoon on a seemingly ordinary day, Bentley suddenly had trouble walking, and his energy quickly sank to low levels as his breathing slowed. His parents knew something was seriously wrong and rushed their good boy to an emergency veterinarian. And while his distress was severe, the cause behind it was not immediately clear.  

Veterinarians put Bentley through all manner of testing, but it was a spinal tap that revealed scary news. Poor Bentley had meningitis. He was prescribed a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, including steroids, antibiotics, and meds for pain relief. Thanks to his parents’ quick action and the care of the emergency vet team, Bentley made a full recovery.

But the bill for his lifesaving treatment wasn’t small, totaling $3,044. That’s a heavy bank account blow when you aren’t expecting it. But Bentley’s family already had their special boy covered with pet insurance from Lemonade.

Within a day of receiving Bentley’s claim, agents went to work. And in less than a month, Bentley’s parents were reimbursed $2,167. That means Bentley’s lifesaving treatment only cost his family $877. That’s significant savings.

In just one unexpected trip to the vet, Bentley’s policy with Lemonade proved a worthy expense.

And with Bentley still so young, he’s got a lifetime of love and happiness ahead of him. But because life isn’t perfect, chances are, he’ll need to use that policy again one day. And Lemonade will still be there to help pay the bills!

Let Lemonade Be There for You

With an average of one in three dogs experiencing an emergency yearly, any dog can quickly find themselves in a dire situation like Bentley. But because his parents had planned ahead, they could give their entire focus to getting him better rather than stressing over a whopping vet bill. And Lemonade can provide you peace of mind in an uncertain world too.  

Being a customer with Lemonade means you call the shots when it comes to what you want in a policy. With super customizable options for deductibles and reimbursement amounts, you can tailor your dog’s policy to fit your budget. Simply put, pet parents can get what they need without paying for stuff they don’t.

Base policies cover the costs of diagnostics, procedures, and medication for accidents and illnesses, so when the unexpected ruins the day, you’ll be able to give your dog the very best care without worrying about bills. And remember this, because you can have the expensive costs of emergency treatment covered, you’ll never have to make heartbreaking decisions due to financial barriers.

Routine Care Can Get Expensive Too

 It’s not just the unexpected that gets pricey. Regular checkups and all that comes with them can create high bills, too. But Lemonade is on your side with industry-best preventative care and add-ons made to help cover wellness exams, vaccines, tests, dental care, and more. That means you won’t have to skimp on the routine care that can help prevent serious issues from occurring later in your pup’s life. And with no networks, you and your dog can stay with the vet you trust most.  

If you’re a family with more than one dog, then you doubly know how expensive a trip to the vet can be. Lemonade saves the day and your wallet once again by offering a 5% discount on all policies if you have more than one pet enrolled. Plus, when you pair Lemonade Pet with car, renters, or homeowners’ insurance, you’ll enjoy their 10% bundle discount.

And because they love animals just as much as you do, they’re an insurance company with an enormous heart, supporting animal rights, local shelters, and other social causes with your help. When you sign up, you’ll choose an organization you’d like to support, and they’ll donate unclaimed dollars at the end of the year as part of the Lemonade Giveback.

Life Isn’t Perfect, But Lemonade Comes Close

While life isn’t perfect, you can choose a policy with an insurance company that comes close. With a rating of 4.9 in the App store and high praise from Supermoney and Clearsurance, Lemonade has pet insurance down to a science, which means a hassle-free digital experience for you.

Bentley and his parents are sure happy to be part of the family, and you can be too. Get your free quote to get started. Keep in mind, pet premiums factor in your dog’s breed, age, and any optional add-ons that you choose. And when you’re under the Lemonade umbrella, help is always available through their app and website!  

Get your pet insurance quote from Lemonade today! 

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