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Life Jacket Saves Life Of Dog Who Went Overboard On Lake Michigan

| Published on July 30, 2020

It’s summertime. Many families are finding relief from the scorching heat by loading up the boat and spending hot days on the lake. A recent story from Lake Michigan serves as a stark reminder of how a fun day on the lake can quickly turn tragic.

Image Kim Welsh Oberman/Facebook

Chicago Family Vacationing on Lake Michigan

Kim Oberman and her family set out from Chicago to Benzie County to spend some time together enjoying Lake Michigan. A popular spot for midwestern families, the family was on a boat, cruising the water and enjoying the scenic surroundings. The Oberman family’s fun quickly took a turn.

Their Golden Doodle Roxy Went Overboard

Suddenly, the family fun came to a screeching halt. They noticed that Roxy had gone overboard! Frantic, the family tried to find her. Unsure exactly where or when the dog went overboard, the family searched all over. They couldn’t find Roxy anywhere!

dog on pier
Image Kim Welsh Oberman/Facebook

The Family Searched for Five Hours Straight

Terrified they would never see their girl Roxy again, the family continued the search efforts for 5 stressful hours. Eventually, conditions made it impossible to continue the search. The family docked the boat and picked up the search on land. A good samaritan even gave the family his car keys so they could take the search wider on surrounding streets. Roxy was nowhere to be found.

Roxy was Found Hiding on Shore the Next Morning

The next morning, committed searchers Lori and John Sarya, owners of Jacobson Marina, found a very scared Roxy hiding in bushes. She had made it ashore just south of Pointe Betsie, north of Frankfort in Benzie County.

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“We came across that break wall, and we heard a dog barking,” Sarya told the Record Patriot. “We thought maybe it was somebody’s house, and her little face popped through the bushes. I was shaking so terribly, because I couldn’t believe it.”

dog on boat
Image Kim Welsh Oberman/Facebook

Roxy was Wearing a Life Jacket and it Saved Her Life

Roxy was found on shore with her life jacket still safely fastened around her body. There is no doubt at all that without the life jacket, Roxy would not have survived. All people and pets should wear life jackets when out on an open body of water. It can mean the difference between life and death.

You never know when you or your dog could go overboard! Always wear a life jacket when boating. Always have your dog wear a life jacket when boating.

Featured Image Kim Welsh Oberman/Facebook

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