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Little Girl Wanted The Dog Who Was Shaking And Hiding At The Back Of The Shelter

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on March 18, 2024

Upon arrival at the shelter, a Pit Bull was found in a dire state, trembling constantly. She emitted a noxious smell from her sore-laden skin, afflicted with mange. Her feet, swollen with staph infection, and her eyes, laden with infectious discharge, painted a grim picture of her health. Faced with such severe ailments, euthanasia seemed a probable outcome.

However, the story takes a turn for the better, as revealed in the ‘heartwarming’ video detailed below.


Image/Source Story Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video

At the shelter, an ailing Pit Bull without a name was kept secluded in the rear of her cage, barely noticed. On a fateful day, Audra Spurio visited, hoping to find a furry friend for her daughter Gigi, who was two years old.


Image/Source Story Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


The Pit Bull believed she was undetectable to the rest of humanity, but Gigi pointed at her and cried out: “Mommy, that one.“

Gigi pulled on Audra’s coat until she brought her to the pitiful Pit Bull, where Gigi was overwhelmed with compassion and pet her gently. Even after Audra showed other dogs to Gigi, the youngster returned 3 times to the sick Pittie and eventually pleaded, “Let the dog out, need help” The shelter team took her out of the kennel, cleaned her up, and let her play with Gigi in the yard.


Image/Source Story Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


The pair instantly got along amazingly well as they played together for hours. The Pit Bull would always stick to Gigi, and Gigi would keep reminding Audra that the “ill dog” needed assistance.


Image/Source Story Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Audra sobbed for her mother to assist the pup as the Pit Bull continued to shake violently every time she was separated from Gigi. Audra gave in to Gigi’s heartfelt pleas and brought home Scarlett, a Pit Bull that she named after Scarlett O’Connor. The ill dog was finally able to go home once it arrived at the shelter!

Image/Source Story Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Within one week of having a home, Scarlett’s health began improving! She would spend every waking minute with Gigi and never leave her out of her sight. 


Image/Source Story Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Scarlett recovered and blossomed into Gigi’s steadfast companion over time, as a result of Gigi’s devotion to save her. This dynamic duo now spends their days playing and having fun in the house and yard! Be sure to watch their story and heartwarming video below. You’re going to want to watch it until the end, enjoy!


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