Lost Senior Dog Survives 6 Weeks On Mountain Before Being Rescued By Hikers

14-year-old Chloe went missing near the base of Mt. Bross on August 10. When her family hadn’t seen her for a month, they had lost all hope of ever seeing her again.

When Trinity Smith and Sean Nichols saw a post on 14ers.com about hikers who heard a dog barking on Mt. Bross, they decided to try to find and rescue the dog. It took 2 days and several attempts, but they were able to rescue Chloe and return her to her family.

When Chloe was reunited with her owners, they took her immediately to Park County Animal Hospital. She’s now at home recovering from her ordeal.

Larry Osborne, Chloe’s owner, told 9News:

“It’s a really tight-knit community — but it’s really good to know that with all the bad in the world — there’s still a lot of good. So I thank those guys a lot.”

(H/T: KDVR, 9News)

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