Man Arrested for Rushing Into Burning Home to Rescue His Dog

Of course, nearly any dog lover would put themselves at risk to save their dog’s life. However, Jarrod Martin was punished for this very action. Instead of being cheered on for saving his furry friend, he was immediately put in handcuffs.

When a fire started at Martin’s house in Memphis, Tennessee, firefighters came to the scene immediately. They helped everyone out of the burning building, but they left one important family member behind: Martin’s dog, Bishop.


Martin could see Bishop through the glass door on the patio with flames surrounding him. The firefighters assured him that they would rescue his poor pup, but after nearly a half hour of waiting, Martin couldn’t take it anymore. He knew if he didn’t act fast, Bishop would die.


Despite the warnings of the officers, Martin broke through the police barriers and rushed to Bishop. He broke the glass and was able to bring the dog to safety. While many of his friends and family saw him as a hero for this amazing task, the firefighters and police officers greatly disagreed.

Martin was charged with two misdemeanors for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. However, even though he put himself and the firefighters in danger despite the instructions of the officers, Bishop’s life was saved, and that was most important to Martin. If he had waited any longer, then his best friend probably would not have survived the fire. 

“I wasn’t gonna sit there and watch him burn to death when I knew I had a chance to get him,” Martin told news reporters.


Not only was Martin relieved to see that Bishop survived the fire, but his other family members, especially his daughter, were overjoyed at the sight of this bold rescue. Even though Martin’s good intentions ended up getting him in trouble, he didn’t regret it, and I’m sure any other dog lover in this situation would feel the same.


Saving a dog from a fire is a risky situation, but watching your best friend die is just not an option. Martin, like many other dog lovers, decided that Bishop’s life was worth it no matter the cost. Dogs deserve to be saved from these situations just as much as people do.

H/T: Man Rescues His Dog From Building Fire

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