Man Charged After Killing His Neighbor’s Runaway Rescue Dog

Kita the 5-year-old Siberian Husky was never the most well-behaved pup. She had a tendency to run off, and to her, it was all fun and games. However, her neighbor refused to put up with the pup’s antics. He grew so angry with her running loose that he took matters into his own hands. When given the opportunity, the cruel neighbor shot the rescue dog when she ran onto his property.

Kita’s family was heartbroken when they found out the shot was fatal. They knew she didn’t listen well, but she certainly didn’t deserve this fate. Now, the family is working hard to ensure that the man pays for his unforgivable actions.

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A Senseless Feud

Cindy Holliday adopted Kita only a few months ago. She adored the sweet Husky, but she was beginning to think hers wasn’t the right home for the pup. Kita loved to run any chance she got and Holliday thought she would be better off at a house with a fenced-in yard. So, she was in the process of helping the pup find a more suitable home, but then tragedy hit.

A month before her death, Kita ran off into Matthew Clay Goldsmith’s yard. She killed one of his chickens, and he was furious. Holliday tried her best to work something out. She offered to buy him multiple chickens or even just give him money, but he refused to let her help. Instead, he preferred to hold a grudge.

“This is more of a dysfunctional situation between neighbors,’’ Holliday said. “I did try to talk to them, but they refused.”

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But the next time Kita escaped, things took a turn for the worse. Kita bolted when Holliday tried to attach a leash to her. So, Holliday and her friend ran around the neighborhood, calling Kita’s name. As they continued their search, they neared Goldsmith’s home. But then they heard a gunshot and a yelp only yards away. Goldsmith had shot the dog and killed her.

Justice for Kita

When Kita was in Goldsmith’s yard the second time, Holliday explained that she was no threat. The chickens were secured and Kita wasn’t even near them. His gunshot seemed unprovoked to Holliday when he could have called animal control and let them handle the situation.

“She didn’t deserve a bullet,” said Holliday. “She deserved a call to animal control and I would’ve dealt with it from there. But not a bullet.”

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Goldsmith is facing charges for his heartless actions. He was charged for killing/torturing an animal, which is a four-year felony. In addition to prison, he could also face up to a $5,000 fine and could be ordered to complete up to 500 hours of community service. Depending on the details of the situation, he may have to go through a psychiatric evaluation too.

As a dog lover, are you glad to learn that officials are taking Goldsmith’s case seriously or do you believe he was within his rights to shoot an animal on his own property? Kita was definitely misbehaving, but does that justify harming her and taking away her chance to find a more suitable home?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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