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Man Dumps Dogs And Injures Rescue Worker In The Process

Sunshine Bush, who helps out at the OK Save A Dog animal rescue outside of Prague, Oklahoma, was sent to the hospital with broken bones after being run over by a man who was trying to illegally dump his dogs at the rescue.

Kim Bowers is the owner and founder of OK Save A Dog. Having dealt with the man before, she went inside to call the police as soon as he pulled into the driveway Sunday morning. She said:

“This wasn’t the first time the man come out here. He had been out here the morning before which is why when I saw him pull in the driveway, I ran to get my phone to call 911. I knew it wasn’t going to end well.”

As Bowers ran inside to call 911, Bush headed outside to confront the man. According to Bowers:

“He ran over her foot. I guess she was standing by the driver’s side window and he ran over her foot. And she somehow ended up on the top of the hood of the car.”

The man drove a mile down the road with Bush clinging to the hood of his car until he slammed on his brakes, then turned around and drove off.

The two dogs are now safe at the rescue. Bush was taken to a hospital in Tulsa to be treated for a broken ankle and two broken wrists. She does not have health insurance and is unable to work until her injuries have healed. A GoFundMe has been set up to assist with the cost of her mounting medical bills.

A suspect was taken into custody on Monday. No word yet on charges filed.


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Written by Jennifer Nelson
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