Man Helps Shelter Dogs Find Homes By Giving Them Free Haircuts To Show Their Beauty

We’ve seen dogs rescued off the street whose fur are severely matted. And we just love how they transform after they get rescued, cleaned, and groomed. It’s like they transform to a totally different and beautiful dog!

Once the dogs are cleaned and groomed, they become happier somehow. They look better and for sure, they feel better.

A man named Mark Imhof knows that the transformation also helps the dogs. So to do his part in helping dogs, Mark gives shelter dogs free haircuts!

Mark is a dog groomer and he likes to help shelter dogs at the Animal Care Centers of New York City.

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Mark told The Dodo, “I have seen such transformations in almost all the dogs and it is so uplifting and I KNOW they will pay that love forward to their future forever homes

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He wasn’t always a dog groomer. He used to be a consultant and then his fiancee suggested that maybe he needs something he’s passionate about. His fiancee saw the joy in Mark’s face when he was interacting with animals. So he enrolled in the American Academy of Pet Grooming.

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Now Mark has his very own pet sitting, dog walking, and grooming business. But he continues to help the dogs and cats at the shelters by giving them free grooming and haircuts!

Isn’t he amazing?

You can check out Mark’s grooming business at his website, Instagram account, and his Facebook page.

You can also read more about his story at BarkPost and at The Dodo.

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