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Millie Bobby Brown Mourns The Loss Of Her Mastiff With Emotional Video

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
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| Published on August 4, 2020

Actress Millie Bobby Brown has been around dogs her whole life. Her family had three Mastiffs named Dolly, Ronnie, and Reggie, along with a Poodle named Winnie. All the dogs were clearly a huge part of Brown’s life.

Unfortunately, the 16-year-old Stranger Things star recently said goodbye to Dolly, who had been with their family for 9 years. Most of Brown’s life had been spent with the loyal pup by her side. So, she found the perfect and most emotional way to say a proper goodbye.

An Emotional Tribute

Brown posted a heart-wrenching tribute to Dolly on Instagram. She created a montage of photos and videos of Dolly, all from different stages of her life. The slideshow is set to the song “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars, making it even more of a tearjerker.

Millie Bobby Brown's Dogs
Image: @milliebobbybrown/Instagram

“In 2011, we received this blessing to our family. 9 years later, you turned into everyone’s best friend. Your slobbery good mornings and always showing us your toys were the best ever. Your cuddles always felt better than the ones before and your loyalty to our family was incomparable,” Brown wrote on Instagram.

She added that Dolly was always by the family’s side. She went on many adventures with Brown, including London, Orlando, Los Angeles, Canada, and Atlanta. Brown got to experience the world with the sweet gentle giant by her side.

Millie Bobby Brown's Mastiff
Image: @dollypoppybrown/Instagram

“My heart has broken today. You were the heart and soul of this family and if anyone met Dolly, you know how special she truly was,” Brown continued on Instagram. “I love you Dolly Brown. You will always be our #1.”

Rest in Peace, Dolly

Losing a dog is never easy, especially when they’ve been with you for as long as you can remember. Many other celebrities reached out to Brown with their condolences, including Stranger Things cast member Noah Schapp and Room star Jacob Tremblay.

Millie Bobby Brown and Dolly Young
Image: @yazlovesmillie/Instagram

For most of her life, Brown was surrounded by three English Mastiffs. She loved being around the large dogs, but she always wished she could hold them and cuddle them. So, for her sixteenth birthday she got Winnie the Poodle as a therapy dog. Winnie helps Brown with her anxiety whenever she travels. Of course, Brown still loved all her dogs equally though.

Life won’t be the same without Dolly by her side, but at least her family got 9 wonderful years with the pup. Dolly got all the snuggles in the world, and in return, she gave her family endless love and devotion. Rest in peace, Dolly. You were a very good girl.

Watch the Emotional Tribute Here:

Featured Image: @milliebobbybrown/Instagram

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