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Murdered Idaho Student’s Ex Creates Instagram For Their Dog Murphy

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 21, 2023

After the brutal murders of University of Idaho students Kaylee Goncalves, Maddie Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin on November 13, police discovered Kaylee’s dog, Murphy, closed inside her third-floor bedroom. Murphy was unharmed. Since his mom’s murder, Murphy has been living with Goncalves’ ex-boyfriend Jack Ducoeur.

And now, Ducoeur has created an Instagram for one-year-old Murphy, where he can share his life and remember Kaylee with others. The account went live earlier this week and has already gathered more than 66k followers. Comments have been flooded with love and support for both Murphy and Ducoeur.


Mourning His Mom

Goncalves and ex-boyfriend Ducoeur adopted Goldendoodle Murphy during their five-year relationship. After Goncalves and Jack’s breakup, Murphy split time between his parents. The Daily Mail reported the couples’ friends and family members believed the two would reunite.


Through his new Instagram account, Murphy has already shared memories of Kaylee, the first post showing him watching the sunset over water with the touching caption, “Missing my mom every day, but trying to live my best life. I got to admire her beauty in the sky this evening.”


Another post reveals one of Kaylee’s favorite shots of Murphy, the darling dog sharing, “My mom loved this one.”


Ducoeur was cleared of suspicion by police but still faced harassment and false accusations until police arrested Bryan Kohberger in late December. The accusations that he harmed Kaylee have left him “heartbroken.” Brooke Miller, DuCoeur’s aunt, told the New York Post, “He’s not only lost the love of his life, and what we all thought and he probably thought as well, would be his future wife — you know, get married and have kids and all of that.”


Could an Animal Hair Help the Case?

After the search of murder suspect Bryan Kohberger’s apartment, court documents revealed investigators collected eight strands of hair from the suspect’s residence. Among those, one was a “possible” animal hair. Investigators have not confirmed whether any of those hairs belonged to the victims or if the animal hair belonged to Murphy.

Kohberger is currently being held without bail, but his attorney reports his client plans on pleading not guilty to the charges against him.


Show your support for Goncalves and the dog she loved, and follow Murphy on Instagram. Find more of the latest dog news here.

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