Netflix Releases a Dog-umentary About Service Dogs in Training

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
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| Published on September 22, 2019

Guide dogs are incredible animals. They are smart enough to learn special tasks that can benefit people in ways that will completely change their lives for the better. But have you ever wondered how the dogs learn these skills and behaviors? Luckily, with a documentary on Netflix, you can!

Pick of the Litter is a documentary that is specifically about puppies going through training to become guide dogs. 

This 2018 film is currently only available on Netflix overseas, but it is currently available in the United States on Hulu.

Image: Screenshot, Pick of the Litter Trailer

Of course, many people will watch to see the adorable puppies. However, it is also exciting to witness the incredible journey of how they learn to perform these life-changing tasks.

This film follows the story of five puppies that were born in the same litter. The litter is called “the P,” so their names are Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, Patriot, and Phil. All their names were specially chosen by the members of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Image: Screenshot, Pick of the Litter Trailer

These five puppies were specifically bred to be service dogs, but they still need to work hard to earn that position. They need to go through a series of training and tests in order to prove that they have what it takes. These dogs could one day be in charge of a person’s life, so they need to be absolutely ready.

This documentary follows all five puppies for two years as they train to be guide dogs. They need to be able to listen to commands, but also know when not to listen in order to keep their human safe. It is an incredible talent that not every dog is capable of.

Image: Screenshot, Pick of the Litter Trailer

This heartwarming film shows the journey of guide dogs and how they can truly help people. However, even though all dogs will not pass the test, they will still find a good home. There is a thorough adoption process that allows these dogs to still find the perfect home. Even though they won’t be using the skills they learned, they will still be with a loving family. So, there’s no reason to be sad if they don’t pass.

Service dogs and their trainers deserve so much appreciation for the work they do. This documentary proves that certified guide dogs truly worked hard to earn their job. If you love incredible stories about dogs, then this film is perfect for you.

Featured Image: Screenshot, Pick of the Litter Trailer


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