Nom Nom vs. Jinx Dog Food – Which is Better?

Which is Better – Jinx or Nom Nom Food?

Both Nom Nom and Jinx are 2 newer dog food brands that have emerged and gained popularity in recent years. But how much of their explosive popularity is fact vs. fiction? Are these foods worth the higher price tag? In this review, we’ll give our verdict on which brand we prefer and why.

Our Nom Nom Dog Food Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Our dogs loved the fresh look, smell, and taste of Nom Nom. We love being able to see the colors and textures of fresh food, and our dogs seemed to as well. However for most size dogs, Nom Nom isn’t cheap.

  • Contains no fillers, only quality proteins, veggies, vitamins, and minerals 
  • Pre-portioned meals are based on your dog’s unique dietary needs
  • Formulated by in-house Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists
  • All foods are prepared, mixed, and packed with care in USA kitchens
  • Shipped to you fresh, cold, and on your schedule


Our Jinx Dog Food Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Overall Jinx makes an excellent quality kibble featuring high protein, and many added superfoods. While our dogs weren’t as excited to try it initially, they all loved the flavor once they tasted.

Jinx Premium Dog Food
  • First ingredients are always organic chicken and real salmon 
  • Recipes include 20+ plant-based superfoods and active probiotics
  • Completely free of corn, wheat, and soy
  • Food recipes formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists
  • Subscription program available 
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.  

Our Verdict: Nom Nom vs. Jinx

Overall, we prefer Nom Nom as we believe fresh food is more biologically appropriate for dogs. While Jinx makes an excellent quality kibble, dry dog foods always undergo much more processing than fresh foods. Ingredients such as Omega-3 and probiotics, while are included in many kibbles, do not survive processing well and offer less benefits for your dog.

With that said, Fresh Foods such as Nom Nom can be very pricey. Ultimately, you have to choose which brand fits your budget. Both are excellent options compared to most budget priced dog foods you’d find at the supermarket.

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