One-Eyed Pit Bull Returns To First Home After 12 Years

Sherrie Smith and her daughter Ashley had a one-eyed Pit Bull named Zoe over a decade ago. They often spent time reminiscing about the pup and wondering how she was doing. But the last thing they expected was for her to come home 12 years later.

The Smiths initially had to re-home Zoe because they couldn’t find affordable housing that allowed pets in Honolulu, Hawaii. They were heartbroken, but knew it was what they had to do. Over time, the decision only grew harder because Zoe’s new family didn’t keep in touch. So, the Smiths were left with only their memories of the.

One-Eyed Pit Bull
Image: Screenshot, KHON2 News YouTube

Just a Memory

Zoe lived with the Smiths when she was a puppy 12 years ago. The one-eyed pup looked intimidating to some people, but she was such a sweetheart. She used to sleep with Ashley at night, who was only a teenager at the time. Sherrie joked that Zoe used to hog the bed and push Ashely off. Like any other dog, she had her quirks, but she was also incredibly loving.

“She loved any dog, any person, any other kind of animals, you know cats, dogs, and she’s just so tame and gentle,” Sherrie said.

But in 2009, Sherrie had to move. She searched long and hard to find an affordable place that would allow dogs, but nothing seemed to work out. It was especially hard since Zoe was labeled as a Pit Bull. So, Sherrie had to make a difficult decision.

One-eyed Senior Pit Bull
Image: Screenshot, KHON2 News YouTube

Sherrie found a kind family to adopt Zoe, but that was the last they saw of the precious Pit Bull. The family never kept in touch, but Sherrie and Ashley both missed Zoe terribly. Then, one day, over a decade later, Sherrie received a life-changing phone call.

An Unexpected Reunion

After 12 years, Sherrie received a call from the Hawaiian Humane Society. They had Zoe with them, and her microchip was still linked to Sherrie’s information. Of course, Sherrie and Ashley rushed to see their long-lost dog without hesitation.

The family grew emotional when seeing their dog after all these years. However, Zoe didn’t seem to recognize them. It made sense, but it was also heartbreaking for them.

“That kind of made us more sad because like we love her. But that’s why we want to find whoever [was caring for her] because that way she can have someone familiar,” Ashley said.

Pit Bull Reunion
Image: Screenshot, KHON2 News YouTube

Ashley posted in lost dog Facebook groups trying to uncover a little more of Zoe’s past. But she quickly found out that no one was looking for Zoe. The family gave her up when they could no longer find housing for a Pit Bull, and poor Zoe was re-homed several times after that. The Smiths wanted to keep Zoe more than anything, but their current housing wasn’t dog-friendly.

Luckily, Sherrie’s landlord empathized with her situation and made an exception for Zoe. Zoe is now 14-years-old and she has made a full circle back to where she started. From now on, Sherrie promises to let the pup live out the rest of her life in the loving home she deserves.

Featured Image: Screenshot, KHON2 News YouTube

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