Originally Built for Shelter Dogs, This “Odd Ball” is Now Available Online (Plus an Awesome Twist!)

Interesting Fact: Did you know shelter dogs that are seen playing with toys are 70% more likely to be adopted? If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When potential adopters get to see the personality and playfulness of a shelter pup, the potential for connection increases.

When we learned this fact, it hit us like a ton of bricks. Our immediate thought was: How can we get more toys into shelters? Sadly, shelters are often under-resourced and must focus first on food, medicine, and veterinary care for their animals. Often, there are no funds left to purchase toys for dogs. And the toys that are donated are usually fragile and potentially dangerous tennis balls that can’t be cleaned and reused.

Our Mission: Build The Perfect Toy for Shelter Dogs!

In the spring of 2017, we set out to build a new ball for the toughest customer possible: ANIMAL SHELTERS. After 10 months of development and testing, we’re pretty excited to begin offering BetterBall™ to customers for the first time!

What Your Dog Will Love About The BetterBall™

  • Durable – shelters are full of big, strong chewers
  • Cleanable – most toys given to shelters are tennis ball that fall apart and are impossible to clean
  • Lightweight – many hard rubber balls are too tough on a dog’s mouth & jaw when catching in the air
  • Stuffable – not all dogs play fetch, so the treat stuffable cavity makes the ball more appealing and offers mental stimulation

So, What’s The Twist?

Like all toys we sell, each time you buy a pack of BetterBalls™ for your dog, you’ll be providing the very same ball to a shelter dog in need! Last year, we funded over 75,000 toys for shelters, and with your help we’re just getting started!

Learn More & Purchase The BetterBall™ Here

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