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Family Made Disastrous Error When They Bought ‘Perfect Dog’ From Breeder

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on October 11, 2023

When searching for the perfect family dog, many people turn to breeders, believing they’ll find a pet with fewer health issues and less “baggage.” However, one family’s experience with their beloved dog, Oso, has led them to advocate for rescue dogs instead.


Oso’s mom, Tasia, initially chose to purchase the Pit Bull puppy from a breeder because they wanted a dog that would be great with kids and have fewer health problems. Oso lived up to their expectations in terms of personality and appearance. He’s a gentle, snuggly, and loving companion for their children. However, when Oso was around two years old, they discovered that he had a genetic heart issue. A vet speculated that Oso might not live past six to eight years, which was heartbreaking for the entire family.


Determined to help Oso live as long as possible with the best quality of life, Tasia connected with rescues and researched the breed. Oso has since had hip surgery, and the family follows their vet’s guidance on supplements, diet, and exercise to support his joints and heart. However, they’ve also come to realize that Oso’s physical appearance, which they initially found so appealing, is not practical for a dog. His heavy body, short legs, and large head make it difficult for him to breathe and get around. In fact, his large head causes him to tumble down the stairs, which is quite dangerous!

This experience led Tasia and her family to the decision to never buy a dog again and to focus on rescuing instead. They’ve since adopted a puppy from NorCal Bully Breed Rescue, thanks to a heartfelt essay written by their 10-year-old daughter. The family now believes that the perfect dog doesn’t exist and that many wonderful pets can be found in shelters.


Initially, the family had been hesitant to adopt a rescue dog because they couldn’t find puppies or the specific breed they wanted in their immediate area. However, they’ve since learned that there are many options for finding rescue dogs, even if it means traveling to another state. With the high cost of purchasing a dog from a breeder, they could have flown to another state and adopted a puppy in need of a home.

Tasia and her family now recognize the crisis of dogs in shelters across the country and the issues within the breeding world. They’re committed to rescuing dogs in the future and encourage others to consider this option when searching for their ‘perfect’ pet.

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