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Our Furry Family

The humans like to make you think they are the ones in charge, but it’s the furry employees that do all the work around here. Meet the team!


Hi, I’m Splash, the Chief Executive Dog here at When I’m not looking stunningly beautiful, I’m probably sleeping 20 hours a day or cleaning the floor of food fragments. My so called “owner” Justin Palmer thinks he’s the boss here, but we all know who is Top Dog!


My name is Milo! My fur mama adopted me from someone on Craigslist who couldn’t take care of me anymore. My hobbies include modeling for iHeartDogs, chewing my mommy’s favorite shoes, and borking at my neighbors.


Hi my name is Canelo and I’m one goofy pup! Don’t let my size fool you I’m only 6 months old! I’m a giant, friendly, and did I mention clumsy Labsky. When I think no one is around I am the ultimate plant destroyer! (and yes I get away with it, with my green puppy eyes) Sometimes I like to help my fur mama, Jazz with her work. When it’s time to unwind and reIax I always love a nice belly rub.


Hi, my name is Chief! My mommies name is Tamira and I have a best friend named Ozzy, he’s a black cat. I’m constantly asking my mum to give me snacks and tell me that I’m a good boy. I’m an executive bark-sistant which means I get to place orders for the company, work on exciting pawjects, schedule meetings, take notes for important phonecalls, and do pretty much anything else that needs to get done. Then I can finally get back to playing and napping!


I’m Onyx. Even though I just turned 5, my “baby face” has people always asking if I’m a puppy! I’m a 100% English black Lab, a smaller Lab breed, so maybe that is why. My journey started in Saugus, California where I was born and bred to be a service dog for the seeing impaired. It was fun for about 8 months but I go tired of the vest so I had a “career” change to be a regular family dog.


This is Ruby! Ruby is a five year old German Shepherd who loves belly rubs. She can sit and lay down, but her favorite trick is the one she does at the dog park where I walk towards her with a leash and she runs in the opposite direction.


Hi! My name is Cooper and I am a 70 pound lap dog. I was adopted into my human family when I was one year old. I am named after Cooperstown, New York… home of the Baseball Hall of Fame because both my family and I LOVE baseball (I actually love any kind of ball)! When I am not chilling at home on my bed, I enjoy playing fetch at the beach or in the snow.


Hi my name is London but they call me Princess. I’m fiercely loveable! When I’m not guarding the company numbers, I’m watching TV or shredding socks my family leaves on the floor, the smellier the better! I love to eat! I could eat all the time. Although, I have heard it’s a genetic trait I have to deal with… but still, there’s nothing quite like a juicy steak snuck right off the grill! My family is the best! I love hanging with my momma every day, she has the best job ever.


Hello everyone, my name is Sweety. I love my family very much, especially when dad comes home he always plays with me and makes me happy. He takes care of everything I need and understands me. I’m really happy with my family. Love you!!!


My name is Pearl and I’m two years old. When I’m not working as a model for IHeartDogs, I enjoy cuddling, playing fetch, meeting new humans and their furry kids, and zooming. I love being the center of attention! My mom says I spread joy (and hair) everywhere I go. 🙂

River + Halo

Hi everyone, my name is River. I’m a German Shepherd mix and I was rescued off the street at 4 weeks old by my Mom. That white dog is my big sister Halo. She tells me she’s the boss so I always do everything she says. My Mom says we have to be good so we can advocate for rescuing dogs. Here we are sitting nice in our Christmas vests. Don’t we look cute? Adopt don’t shop.

Rosie + Kuhio + Finch

Hi! I’m Rosie! I’m a mystery mutt from Marion County, SC. I was rescued from a kill shelter with advanced heartworm disease. My vet didn’t think I would survive, but I am now heartworm free and loving my new life. The little Chihuahua mix next to me is Kuhio, he is a former street dog from Hawaii. My mom and dad adopted him after his first owner passed away. And that fluffy little fella on the end is Finch. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in Columbia, SC. Don’t let his small size and extreme cuteness fool you – he definitely rules the roost!


It’s a little tough talking with this things in my mouth, but allow me to introduce myself…my name is Scout. I LOVE toys, especially that Wunderball you guys make. I’m still trying to chew it up. Give me time. I love my family. In particular, the little boy. He rolls on the ground with me and plays with me in the snow. I also love swimming in the creek. I’ve got a pretty good life up here in the forest. Come see me sometime. But bring a ball.


Hello folks! My name is Penny and I have a very important job here in iHeartDogs. I’m responsible in monitoring my human’s work and boosting his morale. One thing I’m really good at is making him laugh. My human, Johnny Ferniz, is a Social Media Manager here. He thinks he’s the alpha but in reality, he’s just my assistant.