Man Works To Win Over Pit Bull Who Repeatedly Attacks Him

Pablo, an aggressive Pit Bull, was taken in by Manny– a man with a heart of gold. Even though Pablo continued to growl at him and lunge toward him, Manny insisted he could work with him. The dog had doubts, but Manny had enough faith for the both of them!


Pablo was rescued by New York Bully Crew. It was obvious from the start that he would need a special forever home that could train him. Despite his aggression, Pablo’s new dad understood that he needed persistence and love. Even though he “wanted to bite his dad’s head off,” Manny continued to work with Pablo.


The Pittie wore a muzzle while Manny taught him what a kind hand felt like. He continued to growl, but once his new dad saw his tail wag, Manny knew they had reached a pivotal point in their relationship. Little by little, Pablo warmed up to Manny. He stood by the gate, sad to see his dad leave for work. Pablo’s trust grew, and he no longer needed to wear a muzzle. Finally, after six months, a gentler Pablo emerged. To witness this miraculous story, and to see Pablo’s transformation, click play on the video below.

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