Paris Hilton’s Dogs Have Their Own Custom Dog Mansion, Obviously

Near the pool of her Los Angeles property, Paris Hilton had a custom mansion constructed for her pack  of adorable little dogs. And, much to nobody’s surprise, it is ALL THAT.

The two story abode is built in the Spanish Colonial style, complete with a balcony where her dogs can take in the air and get a stellar view of LA. Speaking of air, the house is fully air conditioned to keep her pups comfortable all year round. You know, in that brutal Los Angeles climate.

Naturally, it is impeccably styled by designer Faye Resnick with a pink interior, Philippe Starck furniture, a black iron staircase, and even a chandelier. Holy moly, these dogs are living that high life.

Just in case you needed some financial confirmation that Paris Hilton’s dogs have a fancier home than most humans, the mansion was built in 2009 to the tune of $325,000.

Featured Image Screenshot Hilton Pets Instagram

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