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Pet Passengers Can Now Relieve Themselves In This Airport’s Special New Bathrooms

| Published on May 2, 2016

To cater to their furry frequent flyers, JFK airport in New York has installed a restroom for traveling dogs and cats in Terminal 4, between the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms.

The 70-square-foot facility is a single-stall and has a trough-like area covered in artificial turf. It’s also equipped with a hose and poop bags for easy cleaning.

There is even a fire hydrant atop the “grass,” as if to send a clear message to pet passengers: “This is where you potty!”

The new facility is not only a convenience to passengers toting their furry best friends, it’s a huge “relief” (get it?) when planning around a flight schedule. Normally, they’d have to bring their pets outside the airport to do their business, a time-consuming chore that means going through TSA a second time. As anyone who’s flown knows, long wait times can mean missing a flight.

According to Fox News,

A federal regulation will require that all airports that service over 10,000 passengers per year install a pet relief area in every terminal by this August. Airports that already have them include Dulles International outside Washington D.C., Chicago’s O’Hare and Seattle-Tacoma International.

This is certainly good news, not only for folks who bring companions with their carry-ons, but for those who depend on guide and service animals.

We think this is a great move for JFK (as well as all the other airports who have already built animal-friendly facilities!). It makes sense: pets need to potty, too!

Would you be more likely to travel through an airport that has relief areas for pets?

(h/t: Fox News)

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