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Memorial Jewelry To Remember Your Dog
Luxury Dog Jewelry: Memorial Jewelry To Remember Your Dog – At iHeartDogs, 3 simple words drive everything we do. They are the reason we go to work every day. They are also the reasons our loyal customers proudly wear our products and support the cause. We believe “All Dogs Matter”. Do you?

Best dog jewelry for humans

Dog parents can remember their pets all day, even at work, with gorgeous jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, keychains, and paracord for men. In addition, IHeartDogs offers affordable sterling silver jewelry featuring adorable pet themes such as paws, bones, dogs, and jewelry honoring veteran dogs who served.

It’s not difficult to find jewelry for dog lovers, as little touches remind pet owners why they love their furry family. If you are looking to find a gift or just want something pretty pawesome for yourself, find the perfect piece of jewelry at IHeartDogs will warm the heart and be treasured forever. Most customers love our adorable heart print-themed jewelry in polished silver to show how much they love their dogs.

The best part of our jewelry line is that some of the proceeds help feed dogs in shelters or help pair veterans with a service dog. Why not show love to those who have served the country by helping to give them the love and support they need from a furr-ever friend. Survival after service can be a struggle, but you can pair up a vet and an animal together to create a loving family with a simple purchase.

Personalized dog jewelry for real dog parents

Personalize a necklace with their name on a bone with an angel wing charm by its side for owners who have lost a pet. Add on as many additions as your like to feature lost love or new love. These necklaces are a miracle of love as they are not just a beautiful memorial but also help feed an entire shelter full of dogs. Every purchase provides meals to 30 hungry dogs making these pieces serve double duty.

Show you are a dog mom with a customizable beaded bracelet. The jewelry says your name and dog mom with a heart and a paw print on a metal band. Make it your own with amazonite representing tranquility, positivity, and hope. The 25 Beads represent 25 meal donations to dog shelters. With more options available, you can help to honor your pet’s white lovely jewelry and help other pets waiting for homes, all from a veteran-owned business.

Unique dog jewelry to match your pup’s style

Find the style that works for you from many designs ready to add more dog love to your life. Even men can honor their pets with paracord bracelets made for bigger hands. Find multiple colors, and they use flags.

If you like jewelry but do not want to wear it on your body, get a keychain locket to feature your dog’s handsome face on a heart-shaped frame. Show your personality with a smart design ready to carry reminders of your pets through all aspects of your life, even when they have to stay home.

Is dog jewelry for humans expensive?

IHeartDogs gives a wide range of options for very reasonable prices. Our jewelry prices average at around 25 dollars, with few prices going over, making these perfect for pet lover gifts and for yourself. The prices are great, but the cost helps to donate to animals in shelters, making this an economical option improving the amount of love in the world, one pet at a time. While other companies make stylish jewelry and a few even donate to shelters, our jewelry offers high quality as well.

How do you memorialize a dog with jewelry?

If you have lost your pet, it’s vital to remember them and what they meant to you in a personal way. Pets are very much a part of the family, and their loss is felt strongly by all family members. One of the finest ways to keep your favorite dog close is to wear pet memorial jewelry for years to come.

We have a large selection of memorial necklaces, rings, bracelets, keychains, and earrings that are all beautiful ways to remember your pet. In addition, custom engraving is available on most memorial jewelry pieces.

Many customers who want a less personalized gift but still desire their dog can buy the Heart Wings Sterling silver necklace as it features a paw on one side and a wing on the other, forming a unique and beautiful band. Even our memorial jewelry helps to feed shelter dogs. Another way to memorialize a pet who is gone is by helping other dogs to stay alive. The company adds a touching poem to help comfort grieving pet parents.

Why does my dog like my jewelry?

Dogs love the comforting smell of their people. The scent travels to jewelry worn often. You are not alone if your dog is drawn to necklaces, bracelets, rings, or other types of jewelry. They often love the jewelry for play and enjoy your scent, and remember they have a loving community.

However, the most basic explanation is that dogs, especially the young, are curious creatures. When you move close to pet them, they see your jewelry dangling tantalizingly from your neck, and they mistake it for a toy. As a result, they may reach for it, lick it, and chew on it if left alone with the item. In addition, they may become enamored with unfamiliar textures, smells, or sounds.

Alternatively, if your dog loves to lick or smell your metal jewelry, it could indicate an iron deficiency, and a trip to the vet could be in order. The final possibility is that your dog has itching gums and is looking for a hard object to scratch them with. Teething puppies make like it for the same reason.