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Dog Bracelets

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Personalized Memorial Charm Bracelets

Dog bracelets for all dog lovers. Stock and personalized designs from charms to customized memorial engraving.

Types of dog bracelets available on iHeartDogs:

iHeartDog offers two styles of bracelets in a variety of colors and options. While we provide a selection of jewelry for women dog lovers, we also offer paracord-based bracelets geared toward men. No matter the dog lover in your life (or yourself!), you can find a bracelet to suit and show love for furry friends.

The women’s bracelets all come with beads but with a few options from there. First, the customizable bracelets include beads and a metal plate ready to hold a dog’s name and a cute statement such as “dog mom” with dog and love-themed images engraved on the front. The other style includes colored round beads along with heart and paw beads.

All of the bracelets are elegant and perfect for girls, young and old. Furthermore, each bracelet arrives in a cloth drawstring bag and a meaningful statement inside, making these perfect for gifting. Each bracelet also feeds shelter dogs making the purchases dual-purpose.

Choose from gorgeous colors with options including turquoise, amazonite, spectrolite, howlite, natural stone, picture stone, and gold beads. Each includes a specific theme discussed below. Also, each comes on stretchable elastic or nylon to allow for all-day comfort.

The paracord bracelets for men feature a rugged design and the American flag. These bracelets come from a veteran-owned business focusing on never forgetting those who suffer PTSD and other service-related injuries or concerns. Next, the paracord uses a locking clasp around 7 feet of 550 paracord. Choose from black or OD.

While other bracelets focus on fashion, these are like duct tape as paracord has thousands of uses, especially for men who love the outdoors. Another reason to love these bracelets is they help to feed shelter dogs and help to pair veterans with shelter or service dogs. Not many bracelets help to create families!

How can I match with my dog?

While iHeartDogs does not offer matching jewelry for dogs and humans, we do offer personalized collars. Each color has room for a name and phone number or a customized statement. You can add a statement or name that matches the bracelets to coordinate with your dog. As for the paracord bracelets, you can choose a coordinating color for the dog collar and add a matching statement. The women’s bracelets all have a paw print, and dogs already have those!

What do dog bracelets symbolize?

Each bracelet from iHeartDogs depicts a specific symbol or meaning. You can honor your love for your pet from the beaded bracelets to the paracord bracelets. Here are some of the themes:


  • Never Forgotten centered on veterans with PTSD
  • Never Surrender focusing on the strength of the human spirit
  • Pairing veterans with shelter or service dogs

Beaded Bracelets

  • Being a dog mom
  • Loving your furever friend
  • Paws & Reflect
  • Joy, laughter, and wonderful memories with pets
  • You Give Me Wings promotes the idea of giving animals a second chance through adopting shelter animals.

Additionally, each type of bead represents a quality:

Turquoise – represents unconditional love, as well as a sense of healing and tranquility.
Amazonite – represents peace, as well as positivity and hope; it is a life-giving symbol.
Spectrolite – Symbolizes a grounded sense of strength and protectiveness.
Howlite – Show the number of meal donations made in honor of your dog.
Natural stone – Represent the Rainbow Bridge, where cherished pets joyfully await the reunion with their humans, is represented by this image.
Picture stone – Represents a protective nature, and it provides relief, warmth, and security.
Gold beads – Symbolizes the love someone has for their dog and for rescuing dogs from shelters.

How to pick the right dog bracelet

Start by picking a bracelet for a man or woman. From there, decide which stone appeals to you because of the color or the meaning behind the beads or the statement. Next, figure out how you would like to personalize the bracelet if you prefer a bracelet without a personalization.

Pet parents of multiple dogs may prefer to get one bracelet per dog and focus on what each pet symbolizes for them. Other people want to buy a gift for a pet person. Still, they may not know the best personalization to add to the bracelet, and they would be best to buy a simple bracelet. All of the iHeartDogs bracelets are very affordable and help feed shelter animals making the right choice for any dog lover.

How do you make a dog bracelet?

Making your own bracelet to honor your dog can be fun to make and completely personalized. You will need elastic string, cord, or wire to hold the beads of your choice and beads. First, decide how to arrange the beads, and then string them on the cord. Finally, tie the bracelet off, leaving room to get the bracelet on or off or add a clasp.

Additionally, you can use string to make bracelets like a friendship bracelets but for dogs. With a little planning and a pattern, you can make one featuring a dog paw, heart, or even their name. Make a matching dog color for extra fun, as friendship style is safer for dogs than beads. However, these bracelets have a steep learning curve, especially if trying to go for a specific symbol. Use your imagination and have fun exploring ways to show your love for your dog!