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Christmas Tree Topper 2022

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Angels are among the most popular Christmas tree toppers as they play a pivotal role in the nativity tale. Queen Victoria, credited with popularizing Christmas trees in general, infused the world with the widespread use of angel tree toppers. On the night Jesus was born, angels appeared in the sky over Bethlehem to proclaim his entrance to the world, and they also visited his parents to tell them about the birth of their son. 

Now the world uses angels, stars, and bows to top their tree more than the other options. Find out all about angel tree toppers and what you need to know about putting them on the tree and keeping them in place. You can also learn about the tree topper that helps to feed animals in shelters too. 

How To Put On A Tree Topper With Spiral Base?

Amazingly, after all these years and all the innovations we have made, no one has thought of a better tree topper. Every artificial tree has a frail, small stalk at the top, which cannot support much more than the needles. You will not have much to work with unless you can lengthen the central support, though.

The bottom of most tree toppers comes shaped like a spiral or cone so it can rest on the vertical tip of a tree branch. While they seem functional, often, they look lopsided. Using a wooden dowel, metal skewer, or a zip tie can anchor the spiral to the tree by forcing it into the correct position safely. Additionally, you can use pipe cleaners, floral wire, or ribbons to fasten the spiral to the tree.

Next, try using a craft foam cone as a stand, as you can cut it to size. To make the cone suitable for placement on the vertical tip of the tree’s top limb, a hole should be sliced vertically through its center using a sharp, serrated kitchen knife. Next, place the skirts of the angel on the cone. In order to make the cone fit snugly and remain hidden behind the tree top, you will likely need to do some trimming or carving. 

For a rod dowel, use zip ties and anchor the dowel from the bottom of the tree all the way up to the top; stain it dark first if you want so it does not show up. Otherwise, you can find a tree-top stabilizer to help keep the top branch stable. This is a great option for homes with children and pets, as they tend to knock into trees and break things. 

What Is The Most Popular Tree Topper?

Almost forty percent of people place a star on top of their Christmas tree every year. Angels make second place, with around 23 percent of trees hosting an angelic figurine. Other options include Santa Clause, starfish, bows, and other touches of whimsy. 

Pre-lit tree toppers make the cut too. As so many people love Christmas lights, it makes sense to add some shine to the top of the tree as it’s the focal point. While many people have their favorites, angels add a special element to a tree with their beautiful faces and vintage dresses. Focus more on which tree topper suits your style instead of what’s more popular. With so many options, you can pick from nautical, funny, elegant, etc. 

How To Put Tree Topper On Artificial Tree?

Tree toppers are usually made for both artificial and real trees, with nothing distinguishing between them. Make sure the top of your artificial tree is not too cluttered with needles, or you may have trouble placing the tree topper. The needles can be shortened to facilitate placement. 

In order to offer the necessary support for fake trees, larger 9-inch choices may work best. Otherwise, try using stabilizing materials such as those listed above. One benefit of an artificial tree, you can bend the branches to suit your need. Try clumping a few top branches together and then use either a stabilizer or ties to keep the branches in place. Pipe cleaners can go around the spiral or cone to help keep the topper in place.

Where To Buy A Christmas Tree Topper?

I Heart Dogs sells a collection of fabulous tree toppers. All of the options are angel-themed cats or dogs. Our tree toppers come pre-lit or non-lit to suit any style, all with adorable cats or dogs dressed up like the angels we know they are for families. If you like to decorate trees year-round, we even have a few animal-themed angel toppers for other occasions!

In addition to adding a charming addition to your holiday decor, your purchase of this angel cat or dog will provide food for animals at a local shelter. That is enough food for 30 well-fed animals who deserve it. When you buy tree toppers from I Heart Dogs, your money goes further by helping to support animals in need. 

Do You Need A Tree Topper?

Even the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree would not be complete without a star or angel to sit on top. So, before you put all of those beautifully wrapped presents beneath the tree, take a look at our Christmas tree toppers featuring your favorite four-legged pet. And yes, they will also work on your preferred artificial trees. It is possible, though, that you could forego the tree topper altogether if you were striving for a deliberately rustic look.

What Size Tree Topper For 12 Foot Tree?

Get a tape measure and see how much room you have between the top of your tree and the ceiling. Keep at least 6 inches of clearance between the top of your tree topper and the ceiling. Do not forget to take into consideration the potential height increase caused by a tree stand. 

The height of a tree topper should be within a couple of inches of the feet of the tree. For example, if you have a seven-foot tree, you will want a 5 to 9-inch topper. Twelve-foot trees can handle toppers from 10 to 14 inches. 

It is common practice to have a Christmas tree topper that matches the tree’s height so that a taller tree will have a taller topper. But there are many who, purely for aesthetic reasons, favor a diminutive or oversized topper. The only true restriction is the tree’s ability to support the weight of the ornaments.

What Size Tree Topper For A 7.5 Foot Tree?

A 7.5-foot tree can handle just about any size topper but work best with options between 5 and 10 inches. The style of the tree depends on which will suit best. Choose small if you do not want the topper to function as the main event. However, go bigger if you want the tree topper to be the focal point. 

How To Keep Tree Topper From Falling?

Adjusting the artificial tree’s branches might provide extra stability for the ornaments at the top. The tree topper may be securely fastened to a fake or real tree for very little money using floral wire or twine. Wire or twine can be easily woven through the tree’s branches after being secured at the top. To ensure the rigidity of the top, repeat this process on multiple sides.

What Is A Christmas Tree Topper Called?

A Christmas tree’s crown or tree topper acts as the most prominent ornament on the tree. Therefore, these decor items are known as Christmas tree toppers and tree-toppers. The modern tree topper generation makes use of fiber optics, LED lighting, and computer technologies, and these are called pre-lit toppers.