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Dog Snow Globes

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Frequently Ask Questions

Among the most purchased items during the holiday season is a snow globe depicting an animal, which is a thoughtful and appreciated gift for animal lovers of all ages. Whether you are shopping for a friend or family member or just want to treat yourself, animal snow globes are a wonderful way to spread holiday pleasure. At iHeartDog, you can find a snow globe for the animals in your life and give the gift of giving by helping to feed animals in need with your purchase.

Where To Buy Animal-Themed Snow Globes?

Here at iHeartDogs, we have a gorgeous variety of snow globes for Christmas. Explore our selection of snow globes featuring cats and dogs to decorate your home or someone else’s. While many retailers have animal-themed snow globes for sale, including Target, Wayfair, Amazon, and Etsy, ours include an extra gift – food for animals in a shelter who want a meal this Christmas too. However, only iHeart Dogs sells automatic-swirling animal themed snow globes for the holidays and they light up too adding to the cheerful season!

Miniature snow globes perfect for the holiday season may be found at low prices at most dollar stores. In addition, specialty shops like Bradford Exchange are good places to look for more elaborate ones made of ceramic, porcelain, crystal, or glass. The price of a high-end globe can be anywhere from twenty to several hundred dollars.

What Country Are Most Pet-Themed Snow Globes Made?

In spite of the fact that several snow globe components are created in the United States of America as well as in a great number of other countries, numerous snow globe components are nevertheless sourced from various locations of Asia. Some of them are still made by hand, and they are all set to provide everlasting joy to the Christmas season. Of course, Vienna still creates many snow globes as they are home to the invention.

Can You Change The Water In A Snow Globe?

Snow globes are highly sought after as collectibles; nevertheless, during the course of their lifetimes, the snow globe’s water may evaporate, or the globe’s inside may get contaminated with dust or algae. Changing the water in a snow globe is a pretty simple process, provided that the snow globe includes a stopper on the bottom. It should take no more than an hour to complete if you have the right equipment and a steady hand and before you know it the water will be clear and the snow will be white again!

How Do You Store A Themed Snow Globe?

Snow globes have been used as a standard Christmas ornament for quite some time. However, they are a combination of two fragile things you should not store together. Properly storing holiday decorations is essential if you do not want to constantly buy new ones.

A good place to start is with the factory packaging the globe came in, as it will be just right for stowing away the snow globe. Yet many people either do not retain the boxes or let them deteriorate to the point where they no longer function properly. Therefore, you should locate a cardboard box that is just large enough to accommodate the globe without any strain on your part but not so large that there is extra space for it to move around. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to cushion the snow globe before storing it in the box.

Each snow globe should be placed in its own plastic storage container so that any leaks will not ruin the other things in the box. Ensure the plastic container is well secured against movement while in storage by adding layers of newspaper or bubble wrap before closing it. If you want to keep your snow globes in mint condition, keeping them in a cool, dry place with a consistent temperature is best.

Can Christmas Snow Globes Freeze?

Snow globes with anti-freeze can withstand extremely low temperatures for around four to six hours without freezing over. However, those without can freeze. Therefore, collecting your package as soon as possible after it arrives is best to avoid problems. Thankfully, most companies pack them in a way to prevent issues.

What Are The Pet-Themed Snow Globes Filled With?

In the plastic snow globes, the liquid is nothing more than water. Glycol, a type of anti-freeze, is frequently used in glass snow globes so that the glass will not crack if the globe ever becomes frozen. Snow globes are not bothered by a trace amount of dust, but they do not enjoy being exposed to bright sunshine.

How Long Do Animal-Themed Snow Globes Last?

A properly made snow globe devoid of all air bubbles can last for many years, decades even. However, if placed in direct sunlight, the life span shrinks drastically. Avoid extreme temperatures, too, to prevent shortening the life of your snow globes. Battery powered snow globes will need the batteries changed throughout the years and check for corrosion too for a long shelf life.

Is A Pet-Themed Snow Globe A Good Gift?

Many people practice the festive tradition of displaying a unique snow globe throughout the Christmas season. Whether it is a keepsake, a collectible, or just a cute musical ornament, displaying a globe in your house is a terrific way to personalize your space. Shaking a snow globe causes the “snow” at the base to rise up and whirl around the figurines inside. Glitter of various colors adds to the snow to brighten up its appearance and add to the magic of Christmas.

Children particularly love snow globes as they find them fascinating. A cat snow globe or dog snow globe also makes a fantastic secret Santa gift or an exchange gift for a work party or with friends. Most importantly, you need to consider the person you are buying for to dictate the style of the globe.

While many people love the bright colors associated with the season, others prefer more subdued gifts. If the recipient is a serious collector or holds special significance for you, though, you could be willing to spend more time and money on the right snow globe. Also, almost everyone loves giving to charity, especially when it does not cost them more money! Purchases from iHeartDogs allow you and the recipient to do just that.

When Were Snow Globes Invented?

In 1900, while assisting a doctor in making more light for his operating room, Erwin Perzy unintentionally developed a step toward a snow globe. The doctor requested brighter bulbs, and Perzy uncovered an ingenious method of placing water-filled glass globes in front of candles. The snow globe, however, first reached the public in 1878 at the Universal Exposition in Paris, thanks to a French glass firm.

Although Perzy did not invent the snow globe (he created a globe with a light), he and his brother accomplished much of the groundwork that made snow globes a popular present. A firm in Vienna commercialized the invention, but it did not catch on until 1927 when a guy named Joseph Garaja from Pittsburgh applied for a patent on an improved version of a liquid-filled novelty paperweight.

Can You Bring Snow Globes On A Plane?

Snow globes can go in both carry-on or checked bags on airplanes. If the liquid in your snow globe seems to be less than 3.4 ounces (about the size of a tennis ball), you may bring it in your carry-on luggage as long as the entire globe, including the base, fits inside your one quart-sized, resealable plastic bag. Only one quart-sized bag with containers 3.4 oz or less is permitted per traveler.

You will need to check your bag if you are bringing a snow globe larger than a small ornament. In checked bags, you can carry larger ones but keep the weight in mind, as you may be charged extra for an overweight bag. Finally, remember to pack your snow globe carefully to prevent damage while traveling.