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Dog Earrings

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Dog Paw Gold Stud Earrings & More

Dog Earrings with designs ranging from dog paws to puppies in both gold and silver stud options.

Types of Dog Earrings On iHeartDogs

We offer stud and dangling earrings. Most of the earrings feature different forms of paw prints to suit many styles, along with options in silver and yellow gold. All options are adorable and dainty, making them perfect for women and girls. Our products are made of stainless or sterling silver, including the yellow tones with 1/4 inch length for studs and 1 3/4 inch for dangling earrings.

One of our featured limited edition earrings offer an adorable puppy to decorate your ears. As they are made of genuine sterling silver (925), they provide long life and zero allergens like nickel. In addition, the earrings include a beautiful poem making these a great option to give as a gift.

Everyone who buys earrings from iHeartDogs will help feed shelter dogs as an added bonus. Through our relationship with Rescue Bank, each purchase of approved products will provide a specific amount of meals for dogs in shelters. When shelters do not have to cover the expense of food, they have more money to spend on other pressing needs, such as medical bills for injured or senior dogs, making a significant difference in the lives of creatures waiting for their forever home.

The limited-edition earrings feed ten shelter dogs, while the other sets feed between 2 and 5 shelter dogs. Not only can you buy a gift for someone else for yourself, but you are also purchasing life-saving food for dogs in need.

Beautiful Silver dog earrings

Silver, as a metal, provides considerable health benefits that have been used for generations. Additionally, silver is a potent antibacterial agent that helps fight infections, prevent colds and flu, and heal wounds. It also regulates body temperature and circulation. Silver’s natural characteristics may offset outside electrical disturbances, promote circulation and general body temperature balance, and assist in preserving cleanliness and immunity.

Essentially, by using stainless and sterling silver, iHeartDogs helps to guarantee the health of buyers and prevent risks of allergies too. In addition, silver is always trending and provides inexpensive luxury as it can be worn with any color. Also, while it does tarnish, it’s easy to clean to find the precious metal underneath.

Our adorable earrings will protect your ears while showing the love you have for your furry family. Paws are a fabulous recognition of dogs as they are so cute and easy to recognize as a symbol for dogs. We also offer both dangling and studs to suit anyone’s preferences for earring wearing. Finally, the earrings are light enough to wear all day without discomfort, adding to the many benefits.

Show Your Pets Love With Dog Mom Earrings

Pet moms can display their love and affection for their dogs with beautiful reminders on their ears. While you will always carry love for your fur baby in your heart, you can share your love with the world. They make an excellent gift for other dog lovers and are affordable enough to buy for everyone you know!

Our earrings offer such a cute way to keep your furry family with you all day, and it also serves as a great keepsake. These paw print earrings keep your dog close by, whether you just got your pup, have had your beloved dog for years, or want a memento of a loving dog who passed away. Wear them to show your passion for dogs in general or to honor the special dog you call your furry best friend.

Our dog paw earrings are simple to cover a variety of dog breeds. Whether you have a German shepherd, a Yorkie, or a golden doodle, these paw print earrings will keep them close to your heart. They are ideal for people who own or work with various dog breeds to show inclusivity for all dogs.

How to accessorize your new dog earrings

At iHeartDogs, we offer more than just dog earrings. Check out our necklaces, bracelets, paracord accessories, rings, and keychains to carry the love for your dog to every aspect of your personal decor. All of our jewelry helps to feed shelter dogs too. In addition, our simple designs allow you to add other accessories to any outfit with ease.

Accessorize all of your clothing with paw prints while helping to feed shelter dogs at iHeartDogs. We love to help people connect with their fur babies and celebrate their love with touching pieces everyone will love. Purchase our matching necklaces, including options you can personalize with your dog’s name. Add finishing touches with rings and bracelets that coordinate too!