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Dog Necklaces

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Dog Necklaces & Personalized Memorial Dog Necklaces

Dog necklaces for all dog lovers. Stock and personalized customizable pieces.

Types of Dog Necklaces On iHeartDogs

At iHeartDogs, you can find a variety of jewelry perfect for pet parents. Some of our most loved items are our necklaces, as we offer options to display your love for your dog to the world in beautiful and universal styles. While we only offer three necklaces, they are of exceptional quality and make beautiful gifts.

While it’s not difficult to locate necklaces for dog lovers because we want to share the love we have for our furry family members with the world. However, you can find necklaces with a purpose at IHeartDogs to warm the heart and treasure furever while showing the world you care about animals. The majority of our customers adore our polished silver necklaces with heart prints to show how much they adore their canines.

Our necklaces come in zinc alloy with rhodium plating, gold plating, and sterling silver. These items sell out often, and not all options are always available due to popularity. The two sterling silver necklaces offer incredible durability and long-lasting beauty. Using 925 sterling silver, you can be sure of the high-quality and low risk of allergies.

Additionally, when you buy one of our necklaces or other jewelry, a portion of the proceeds go towards feeding shelter dogs. The purchase of one necklace can help to feed three or thirty dogs stuck without a family living in a cage at an animal shelter. While you cannot take all the dogs home, you can give them life-giving necessities to show your dedication to carrying for these docile creatures.

Beautiful silver dog mom necklaces

Although iHeartDogs only offers three necklaces, all three are gorgeous and add quick style to any outfit. The simple designs work for women and girls with ease while displaying your internal love externally. However, most customers find significant beauty in our Forever My Angel Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace.

First, this necklace feeds thirty shelter dogs allowing their purchase to stretch further for an amazing cause. The sterling silver necklace features an angel wing charm and a bone charm engraved with your pet’s name. Furthermore, the necklaces come with chains 18″ to 20″ in length for comfort and to suit everyone’s needs.

An angel wing symbolizes a dog who has left this life for their next life. Pet owners understandably have a hard time saying goodbye to a canine family member, and this necklace helps them memorialize the love they have for the pets.

If you are giving a gift to someone who recently lost a pet, this is a five-star option focused on love and memories. Owners who have lost multiple pets can purchase multiple charms to feature each piece of their heart that is missing.

The entire necklace offers delicate charm and elegance. While women may not want to wear it with a ballgown, they can wear the necklace with anything else. Women, teenagers, and girls will love having this appealing chain around their necks.

Best designed dog necklaces

Currently, iHeartDogs offers one designed necklace, which means it can not be personalized. However, when you do not know what to get someone but know they love dogs, the Heart & Paw Necklace is a fantastic option. By purchasing this necklace, you will be feeding three shelter dogs, making it a wonderful purchase.

Thanks to the very affordable price, you can buy several of these necklaces for birthdays or holidays. The zinc alloy with durable rhodium plating and gold plating often sells out as this necklace becomes more popular. It features a heart charm with a paw print cut-out inside.

Next, the necklace arrives on a 20 to 22-inch chain holding the tiny pendant. The small size makes this a smart accessory ready to enhance any outfit. Women, teenagers, and girls will love the adorable yet elegant necklace to display their love of dogs.

Personalized Dog Necklaces

Two of our necklaces are customizable to put your pet’s name on the pendant. You can also add charms for additional pets making our necklaces one of a kind. We talked about the Forever My Angel Personalized necklace above, which can carry your pet’s name on a dog bone charm, and you can add as many bone charms as you want.

Our other personalized necklace is the A Miracle of Love for Dog Moms Sterling Silver option. The delightful necklace boasts the same dog bone charm engraved with a dog’s name along with a silver heart charm with a paw-print cut-out inside. Both charms arrive on an adjustable chain.

Wear this genuine sterling silver (925) necklace to remind yourself of the support you have provided for dogs in need and the countless pets still waiting for their forever homes. Women and girls of all ages will love showing off their dog’s charm as they are part of their family.

How to accessorize a dog necklace for humans

We have more than just dog-themed necklaces at iHeartDogs. Check out our earrings, bracelets, paracord accessories, rings, and keychains to show love for your dog anywhere you go. All of our jewelry contributes to the feeding of shelter pets, making it a smart purchase and gift. Furthermore, our simplistic patterns make it simple to incorporate other accessories to any outfit.

iHeartDogs allows you to accessorize your entire wardrobe with paw prints and hearts to demonstrate love for your furry family members. We enjoy assisting customers with connecting with their pets and celebrating their love through heartfelt pieces that everyone will enjoy. Choose from various matching pieces of jewelry, including some that may be personalized with your dog’s name. Finish off the look with coordinating earrings, rings, and bracelets.