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Sweatshirts For Dog Lovers

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Dog Sweatshirts For Dog Moms, Dads, And All Dog Lovers (S, M, L, XL , XXL, XXXL)
Dog Lover Sweatshirts For Humans & Dog Mom & Dads, that come in grey, white, black or navy.
What Is A Good Brand For Dog Sweatshirts For Humans?
At iHeartDogs, we make an entire line of fantastic dog-themed sweatshirts for dogs. Our dog sweatshirts come in many sizes along with many different patterns, from funny to serious, to suit anyone. Additionally, we offer personalized sweatshirts to thoroughly enjoy your shirts.

Our collection of shirts continues to grow and we also offer many options with images or sketches and a couple of options that work well as a memorial for dogs who have passed on to the next life. You can find size options of small through 3XL to work for almost anyone.

Each of our sweatshirts include a crew neck along with spandex on the waistband and sleeves. The sizes are unisex to work for men and women. Also, the shirts are made of 50 percent cotton and 50 polyester. Wash them on low cold settings with like colors and tumble dry low. All our sweatshirts come in neutral colors such as black, white, gray, and navy blue; however we offer some very colorful designs!

Furthermore, Your purchase of the Second Chance Movement line of sweatshirts contributes 4 miles to the transportation of animals from overcrowded shelters to locations where pet adoption is in high demand. Unfortunately, thousands of healthy, adoptable shelter pets are euthanized every year due to overpopulation and underfunding. We believe these animals deserve a second chance.

Pets are in higher demand than animals in many shelters around the country, while shelters in other parts of the country are overburdened with animals and little resources to keep them alive. These are adoptable animals who have many years of love to give to new owners, but their lives are cut short before they can find a home. By teaming up with, we help animals to travel to more adoptable locations.

Finally, when you buy from iHeartDogs, you help your money go further as we donate meals to dogs in shelters with your purchase. Thanks to our partnership with Rescue Bank, each purchase of approved products will offer a certain number of meals for dogs in shelters. When shelters do not have to pay for food, they have more money to spend on other important needs, such as medical expenditures for injured or senior dogs, which makes a major impact on the lives of animals waiting for their care.

Finally, our sweatshirts make excellent gifts for any dog lover. Our prices are very competitive and ready to brighten up any holiday or birthday. Find the right gift for family, friends or yourself!
Where Can I Get Dog Quote Sweatshirts?
Get your dog quote sweatshirts at iHeartDog! We offer various options of fun dog quote sweatshirts displaying fun sayings on the front. Some of our options include beer, wine, happiness, best dogs, dog mom, and much more. No matter what style of comfy shirt you are seeking, we have options that are perfect for you.
What Are Some Cute Dog Sayings?
Some of the cute sayings we offer are:

You had me at woof
Dog people have the best friends
Never garden alone
Kiss my mutt
Whatever, my dog thinks I’m awesome

Some of our options feature the happiness dogs bring into your life, and life is better with a specific breed. Another favorite includes our “Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.”
Can You Put A Quote On A Sweatshirt?
We do not currently offer personalized quotes sweatshirts, but you can add your dog’s name on several of our shirts. However, the shirts do not have a short character limit, and you can add a quote instead of your dog’s name if you prefer.
What Are The Best Dog Quotes?
We offer several quote shirts for dog parents. Some of the options include:

I have the best dog
We support Ukraine
Life is Good
Dogs make me happy
Where Can I Get Funny Sweatshirts With Dog Sayings?
Find both funny and sweet sweatshirts featuring dog sayings at iHeartDogs. We offer a variety of options to suit everyone. Do not stop at sweatshirts either! Our store website features dog-themed jewelry, shirts, hoodies, hats, and so much more! With the tons of apparel options available, you can find a funny saying to match your sense of humor and share your love of dogs with the world.