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Donate to Help Domestic Violence Victims and Pets Escape Abuse – Safe & Together


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Safe & Together – No One Left Behind

Research shows that over 10 million women experience domestic abuse each year. Of those, 47% don’t leave to get help because they can’t take their pets as only 10% of abuse shelters allow dogs and cats. That’s where our new initiative, Safe & Together, comes in. Our mission is to remove this unfortunate barrier by helping fund crisis safe spaces that accommodate the survivors AND their pets.

For each donation, you’ll provide days of safety and care for domestic violence victims to stay at a facility that has the resources to keep their pet with them. No one should be left behind.

You can make a HUGE impact today by supporting the Safe & Together program. Give today!

With gratitude,

Greater Good Charities and the Team


Raylene 11/13/2022

No comment entered by customer.

Melanie 09/06/2022

We need to support each other!

Donna 06/10/2022

Thank you for thinking about this

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