“Psychopath” Has Been Poisoning Neighborhood Dogs For 8 Years

Since 2014, a heartless criminal has been on the loose in a Las Vegas neighborhood. But their crimes don’t seem to give them any personal gain. Instead, they’ve only brought unexpected misery to others, especially dogs.

The suspect has been throwing poisonous treats into yards with dogs in them. Many dogs have been rushed to the hospital, including four dogs who tragically passed away. The family of a canine victim is determined to end this person’s cruel actions once and for all. But they need the support of everyone in the area to succeed.

Shih Tzus poisoned

Mysterious and Deadly Meatballs

In 2019, Teri and Sean Cornwall’s Shih Tzus suffered a tragic fate like several dogs before them. Chewy, Luke, and Leia were running around the couple’s fenced-in yard when the unthinkable happened. At the same time, all three dogs began convulsing and had to be rushed to the emergency vet.

“They were all having seizures simultaneously,” Sean said. “[The vet] pumped their stomachs and gave them charcoal.”

Chewy and Luke survived, but Leia had to be put down. The two-year-old dog suffered through 11 hours of seizures, and there was no way to stabilize her. Teri and Sean were heartbroken and confused all at the same time. They knew there had to be a reason for this sudden emergency.

Poisonous meatball

So, Sean sent the contents from Leia’s stomach to a lab in California. The pup had eaten a meatball laced with a pesticide used to kill rats and moles. After further investigation, Sean learned that at least 15 dogs in the neighborhood had gotten sick after eating random meatballs in their yards.

The Search Continues

Residents of the neighborhood suspect that someone has been throwing the poisonous meatballs into people’s yards for the past eight years. The last reported poisoning occurred in November 2021. Since Leia died, Sean has installed several security cameras, and he never lets the dogs go outside without him.

Sean is determined to help catch the suspect to end this cruelty. With the help of PETA, he raised a $10,000 reward for anyone who has information about the person. He also started a GoFundMe to gather money for a private detective.

Dog killed by poisonous meatball

“I seriously think this person is a psychopath,” Sean said. “This is where they start: birds, cats, dogs, and they work their way up, through the progression to humans.”

With news channels picking up this story, Sean fears that the suspect has gone to terrorize another neighborhood. He urges anyone near Las Vegas to be cautious about what their dogs eat while outside. Anyone who sees someone throwing meat into yards should contact officials immediately. The person doing this is insanely cruel and must be stopped.

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