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Rescued Dog Dumped and Survived Storm, Now Absolutely Loves Her New Dad

Written by: Clarisse Q
Clarisse is an effective freelance SEO writer for a dog magazine, combining her deep passion for animals with her professional skills. Her hands-on experience with rescued cats and stray dogs enriches her writing, enabling her to create engaging and informative content that resonates with pet parents and animal lovers.Read more
| Published on April 29, 2024

After every storm, there’s a new beginning. This happened to a lonely puppy named Bella who was found hiding in a hole she dug for safety after the storm. Thrown out and left alone, she waited for someone to notice her. Soon, a kind person did find her. This is her rescue story.

Anxious Beginning

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Bella’s story begins with a heart-wrenching image: a scared, tiny creature pressing herself against a wall, too terrified to make eye contact with anyone. Anet, who later became Bella’s owner, recounts the moment she first saw Bella’s photos online—pictures that spoke volumes of her sadness and fear. Moved by Bella’s plight, Anet reached out, aware of the challenges that lay ahead due to the puppy’s traumatic early months.

Upon arriving at her new home, Bella’s fear was palpable. She glued herself against the wall, avoiding any eye contact or interaction with her new family. It was a heartbreaking sight. Anet’s husband, in a gesture of empathy, got down on the ground beside Bella. Slowly, she began to trust, first taking a treat from him—a significant breakthrough. “She was so scared, she didn’t want to move, she wouldn’t take a treat from me but she took it from him,” Anet described the poignant moment.

Bella Warming Up

Image Source Credit via YouTube

This initial act of trust marked a new beginning for Bella. She quickly warmed up to Anet’s husband, showing an affinity that surprised them, especially given that abused dogs are often wary of males. “It was crazy… actually kind of odd for me,” Anet observed, highlighting the unusual but beautiful bond forming between them.

With time and continuous affection, Bella transformed from a scared, withdrawn puppy into a joyful, loving member of the family. She began playing, seeking attention, and fully embracing her new life. Anet reflected on this transformation: “She just realized she was safe and she was just soaking up that attention.”

Story of Resilience

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Bella’s story not only about resilience but also the power of love and patience. “She is everything that’s pure in this world. With love and time and care, you can basically fix anything,” Anet stated, emphasizing the profound impact of their journey together.

The story of Bella is more than just a rescue; it is a lesson in kindness and the significant difference one can make in a life. As Anet puts it, “Just being a good human you can do so much and you can make such a difference in someone’s life, a dog’s life, a person’s life, it doesn’t matter, just be a good person and good things will happen.”

Today, as Bella thrives in the warmth of her family, Anet can’t help but marvel at the deep bond between Bella and her husband, a bond that continues to grow stronger with each passing day. This bond, she believes, will be hard to face when Bella gets older, but for now, it’s a relationship that fills their home with love and happiness. 

“I hate to think what’s going to happen when she gets older cuz it’s going to break him,” Anet thought about the future challenges but enjoyed the happy moments they have now.

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