Runaway Pooch Brings Bridge Traffic To A Halt During 48-Hour Ordeal

Even the most loving, well-behaved dogs can run off. Stan the Brussels Griffon’s family was shocked when he escaped their home in Dundee, Scotland. He is very loyal to his family, so it seemed unlike him. Jasmine and Emma Kettles were determined to find their dog no matter what.

After a stressful 48-hour search, Stan was finally found and brought home. He had an eventful journey, so he was exhausted and scared when he returned. If only he could tell us exactly what happened during his two days away from home.

Smiling Brussels Griffon
Image: @stan_the_griff_man/Instagram

A Sudden Runaway

Two-year-old Stan disappeared from his family’s home, seemingly out of the blue. Immediately, a search began, with help from the Missing Pets Dundee and Angus Facebook page. He was first seen crossing the large Tay Road Bridge, causing traffic to halt for a while. Soon, sightings occurred on the other side of the bridge.

The search went on overnight, causing extra stress on Stan’s family. After a day, officials warned the family that Stan might be in “survival mode.” Thus, loud noises and sudden movements could scare him off. The family was urged to be extra cautious.

Missing Brussels Griffon poster
Image: @stan_the_griff_man/Instagram

While the Stan sightings made a huge difference, a dog was the one to make the search come to an end. A search dog named Raven tracked Stan down and led his family to him. She did an amazing job, and it also happened to be her birthday.

“We’ve been warned not to make a fuss or create a commotion as he’d likely be scared and confused and would have now gone into survival mode,” said Emma. “So I just called out his name a couple of times and he popped his head up straight away. He was ready to come home and we are so relieved to see him again.”

Tired Brussels Griffon
Image: @stan_the_griff_man/Instagram

Back to a Peaceful Life

After everything, the Brussels Griffon seems to be healthy. He has a slight limp, but will be visiting the vet soon. Plus, he’s had no problems readjusting to his regular life. The charming pup is already acting as if nothing unusual happened.

“It’s such a massive relief to have Stan back after such an ordeal,” Emma said. “He was located very close to where he was spotted in Norwood Road – a resident heard whimpering.”

Lost Brussels Griffon Home
Image: @MissingPetsDundee/Facebook

Jasmine and Emma said they’re keeping an extra close eye on the adventurous pup now. Of course, they’re also giving him plenty of extra love and cuddles. Sweet little Stan has no idea how much panic he caused. He’s just happy to be home.

Featured Image: @stan_the_griff_man/Instagram and Wikimedia Commons

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