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Man Who Tried To Save His Dogs From His Burning Home Gets Arrested

| Published on April 22, 2022

If you see your house burning, and you know that your beloved dog is still trapped inside, would you try to rush into your burning home to save them?

Well, that’s exactly what Wendell Joyner, a 58-year-old man from Florida, did. But instead of being able to save his dogs, he ended up in jail.


The incident happened in Brevard County, Florida at around 5 am. The owner of the home, Wendell Joyner, already gotten out of the house, but then he realized his dogs were still in there. So he kept trying to go back inside his burning home. But he was overcome by the smoke.


Brevard County Sheriff Deputies say that Joyner ignored the firefighter’s commands and kept on running back to his home several times.

Joyner saw an opportunity when he found a firefighter’s ax on the ground. He then threw the ax to through a window to get access to his dogs. But Deputies tackled him and bloodied his face.

Watch the video below for the full story!




Thankfully, Joyner’s dogs were saved by the firefighters. But his actions landed him on jail with charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

If you were in his shoes, would you have done the same thing?

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