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Shaking Pit Bull Wouldn’t Leave Shelter Corner, ‘Heard-A-Voice’ And Inched Forward

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on February 23, 2024

Dog shelters, while providing basic necessities, aren’t ideal long-term homes for our furry friends. These shelters, with their continuous barking and chaotic atmosphere, can be overwhelming for dogs accustomed to the comforts of a home. The stark kennels with minimal furnishings can make the transition even more challenging, especially for dogs like Carson.

Carson, a sweet-natured Pit Bull, found himself abandoned at a shelter after his family decided they could no longer care for him. Although he had some allergies that led to skin issues, he was a wonderful dog. Unfortunately, the shelter environment proved to be too distressing for him. Carson’s reaction was heart-wrenching as he huddled, trembling, and clearly in need of comfort. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of providing dogs with loving homes and understanding their unique needs and sensitivities.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


Lauren, a compassionate volunteer at Philly Bully Team, came to know about Carson’s plight and made a decisive move to change his circumstances. Understanding the profound impact that a nurturing environment could have on a dog like Carson, she chose to take him out of the shelter’s stressful confines and into her home. Carson’s response to his rescuer was immediate and heartfelt; from the moment he laid eyes on Lauren, he recognized her as his beacon of hope. The bond between them grew quickly, with Carson shadowing Lauren’s every step, a testament to their perfect compatibility.

Lauren was keenly aware of the specific needs of a dog coming from such a background of distress. She recognized that Carson needed more than just a safe space; he needed constant companionship and reassurance to truly flourish. By committing to provide this level of care, Lauren ensured that Carson received the attention he desperately needed. This dedication to his well-being marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Carson, one where he could start to heal from his past traumas and look forward to a future filled with love and security.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


Lauren, deeply moved by the profound connection she shared with Carson, felt in her heart that they were destined to be together. Recognizing the special bond that had formed between them, she reached out to the rescue group, Philly Bully Team, with a heartfelt request to make Carson a permanent member of her family. The rescue group, seeing the positive impact Lauren had on Carson, gladly agreed to the adoption. Carson, feeling an immense sense of joy and security in Lauren’s presence, became her constant companion, rarely letting her out of his sight.

This unwavering attachment, while incredibly touching, presented its own set of humorous challenges, especially during Lauren’s attempts to work from home. Carson, weighing in at 60 pounds, found his favorite spot to be Lauren’s lap, a location less than ideal for productivity. His presence, while endearing, became a lovable obstacle to her daily tasks. Yet, Lauren embraced this with a sense of humor and patience, understanding that Carson’s behavior was a sign of his trust and affection for her. This delightful inconvenience was a small price to pay for the joy and companionship they both derived from their relationship, a true testament to the bond they shared.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


Snuggling, on the other hand, is Carson’s favorite pastime. He likes to go for walks and seek out the best sticks. He enjoys walking with a stick in his mouth. According to Lauren, “his entire body wags.” It’s lovely to see a dog go from shaking and terrified to a happy boy. When Carson comes home after his walks, he jumps on the sofa and gives the greatest tail wags you’ve ever seen. All you can hear are the swishing of his delighted tail as it hits the ground.


His mother, Lauren, says in the video below that:

“His mission in life is to curl up on the couch with me.” Sounds like Carson has some clear priorities!


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


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