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Underfunded shelters often struggle to come up with the funds to simply feed their pets, let alone provide them with the comfort of a blanket during what could be the most stressful, sad, and cold time of their lives. We have partnered with Greater Good Charities to donate a blanket for every Give Warmth™ product purchased in the collection to shelters in need.

Give Warmth™

Warming shelter dogs’ hearts, one blanket at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We donate the PACK&DEN Buy One Give One Premium Dog Blanket for every product you purchase within the Give Warmth™ collection. You can buy one here:

First, we so appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to the cause! We love the fact that you’re passionate about charities getting as much help and funding as possible. You can directly reach out to, our charity partner, for verification of our donations. Here is their contact info:

Phone: 800-765-6920

Learn more about the program through here:

Thank you for your support! You can make a direct donation to the Give Warmth™ cause via the program page here:

Receipts for direct donations are sent out directly by and emailed to you by the 15th of the following month.

We’ve partnered with Greater Good Charities to provide funding for all of our give-back programs.


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