$24,802 Contributed Towards Rebuilding Shelters and counting

Our Rescue Rebuild program generates donations for underfunded, crumbling shelters and those impacted by natural disasters. A portion of every purchase goes directly towards the program’s current focus – helping the Liberty Humane Society create an all new, much-needed shelter. Currently, the shelter is completely overwhelmed with pets in much too small kennels. The Statue of Liberty is literally the backdrop to this overcrowded, underfunded New Jersey facility, and serves as a powerful reminder of the liberty these pets justly deserve in a spacious new facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your support of this important program. You can make a direct donation to the Rescue Rebuild cause by visiting the following page at GreaterGood.org:

Receipts for direct donations are sent out directly by GreaterGood.org and emailed to you by the 15th of the following month.

Through our partnership with GreaterGood.org, we are able to help fund repairs and renovations to improve the lives of shelter animals and increase adoption rates! If you are interested in applying for a renovation for your rescue or shelter, all applications are taken and processed directly through Rescue Rebuild and GreaterGood.org. Please follow the link below to view the eligibility criteria and to apply:


iHeartDogs is not a charity. We are a privately owned for-purpose, for-profit company. We partner with charities to use products as a fundraising and awareness vehicle for the causes we support. Like all businesses, we have overhead that includes many employees, rent/utilities, campaigning costs to reach more passionate people (like yourself), etc.

When we created this program, we asked ourselves, what is the absolute maximum we can possibly donate to our charity partner, and still cover our expenses? The number we came up with was 20% of the sales amount.

First, we so appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to the cause! We love the fact that you’re passionate about charities getting as much funding as possible. You can directly reach out to GreaterGood.org, our charity partner, for verification of our donations. Here is their contact info:

Email: info@rescuerebuild.org
Phone: 800 765-6920

Rescue Rebuild is an animal shelter renovation program created by GreaterGood.org, our charity partner, which puts funds towards and recruits volunteers to help renovate shelters in need.

When you buy an eligible product from the iHeartDogs store, your purchase will help fund the repairs and renovations for a shelter in need!

We’ve partnered with GreaterGood.org to provide funding for all of our give back programs.


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