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It’s Official: 23-Year-Old Spike Is The World’s Oldest Living Dog

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
Stephanie Maguire is a writer for She loves animals so much that she started her own pet-sitting business in 2017, and goes out of her way to point-out and pet every single dog she sees.Read more
| Published on January 21, 2023

The results are in, and it’s official! According to Guinness World Records, the world’s oldest dog is now Spike, a 23-year-old Chihuahua. At the end of 2022, Gino, a 22-year old mixed-breed, was crowned the oldest. But Spike has now taken the title. 

Spike may be small, but he has a lot of attitude, and he’s living his long life on a farm in rural Ohio.


Ten years ago, Rita first laid eyes on the tiny little guy while he was spending time in the parking lot of a grocery store. The employees there had been sneaking him scraps for around three days, but he still wasn’t in the best shape. 

“He had been shaved up his back, had blood stains around his neck from a chain or rope, and looked pretty rough,” Rita said.

She has considered the pint-sized-pooch a member of her family since the day she opened-up the door of her car, and he hopped right inside. The pair have been inseparable since, and they have lived a lovely life together. 

“When we left the store and entered the parking lot, he followed. We opened the car door to put our grandson in his car seat, and Spike jumped right in and sat on the seat, as if he knew where we was going. It was meant to be,” she said.

When asked what she believes has been the key to her canine’s longevity, Rita says she thinks it’s his daily routine. Spike starts his day around 7:00 am. Sometimes he skips breakfast for a bit, and other times he wakes-up with an appetite. On summer weekends, he will take a walk with his mom in their hometown, and then once they return home, Spike settles in for a nap on the porch.

On other days, Spike likes to go straight to visiting with the animals (cows, horses, and cats) in the barn. When he’s feeling particularly feisty, he likes to chase a cat or two. 


Spike also loves his Saturday evening baths and occasionally, he indulges in braunschweiger with cheese for dinner. Speaking of cheese, Spike once loved the taste of cheesy chips.

“In his early years, he loved Doritos. He liked them crunched up and would eat the cheese Doritos every time we had them,” she says.

Rita says that Spike’s healthy diet, room to roam, daily exercise, and unlimited love and attention are what have contributed the most to his long life. The tiny pup may stand only nine inches tall, but he sure does take-up an enormous amount of room in her heart.

Featured Image: Facebook 

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