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What we are doing: iHeartDogs is partnering with to join the fight to end the meat trade in Yulin, China and other regions in Asia. funds partners throughout the region that are working tirelessly to bring an end to the meat trade by advocating for change as well as caring for the many rescued animals.

How we are doing it: By working directly with partners on the ground, GreaterGood and iHeartDogs are able to make the biggest impact possible. After brave animal advocates break up meat trade markets and rescue these dogs and cats, they then have to then provide food and shelter. More Care = More Rescues. That is where you come in.

Every single Yulin product provides a specific number of days of food and care for a dog rescued from the meat trade. With your help we will rescue them and take care of them while they wait for the forever homes they deserve.


Here is an example of exactly what one of our partners (HSI) is doing on the ground in China:

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On August 3rd, 2014, Chinese activists intercepted a truck loaded with more than 400 live dogs bound for the nation’s dog meat market. This rescue operation was unprecedented with over 300 activists and local police stopping the transport vehicle loaded with hundreds of dogs. The animals were densely packed into small wire cages for grueling long distance travel, without access to food or water in sweltering summer temperatures. A number of dogs died during transit. Immediately upon rescue, all dogs were relinquished into the care of local animal protection groups on the ground.


This is just one of many, many scenarios that need your help. While we work to close Yulin and other meat markets, we need to make sure those rescued get the care they need.


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