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Stray Dog Runs Onto The Field During Soccer Game & Gets Treated Like A Baby!

We’ve seen a couple of videos of dogs who run onto the field and interrupt either a baseball or a soccer game. While some would probably get mad at the dog for interrupting the game, what happened in the video below is the total opposite.

A stray dog ran to a field during a championship match between two Brazilian teams.

Source: Samuel Esportes - YouTube
Source: Samuel Esportes – YouTube

But what we love most about this video is what the announcer said when the dog interrupted the game. We learned through The Dodo that he said, “It’s not just the players who wanna show talent here, the dog is also a part of the show!” And he continued saying, “Be good to an animal, to a dog. It’s the least a human being can do to give back for all that they give us.

Check out the video below and see what the players did!

Awwww…we just love what that announcer said! And thanks to the players for not hurting the poor dog!

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