Stray Dog Spots Lost Toddler And Vows To Protect Him

Many dogs have a protective instinct over humans, especially children. So, when a stray Pit Bull saw a toddler wandering around by himself, wearing only his pajamas, the dog knew he couldn’t leave the kid alone. The stray dog followed the boy around and instantly formed a special bond with him.

The Pit Bull didn’t leave the boy’s side even when help arrived. He stayed there to support the toddler until the boy was placed back in his dad’s arms. That’s true dedication!

Lost boy and stray dog

Neighbor Spots Toddler and Dog

The toddler, known as Kh’amorion Taylor, was wandering around a St. Louis neighborhood with the stray Pit Bull when someone spotted him. A woman who lived nearby was walking her two small dogs, and she thought it was odd that the boy and dog were walking without adults.

“He looked well taken care of, he was very neat, very clean; he just didn’t have shoes on,” said the neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous.

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So, the neighbor stayed with the boy and dog as she searched for the boy’s parents. She posted his photo on social media and went door to door asking if anyone recognized him. Unfortunately, no one knew who the boy was. The neighbor said she spent hours searching for the boy’s family with no luck.

Anonymous neighbor saves boy

The neighbor eventually handed the boy over to police officers. During that time, the Pit Bull stayed by the boy’s side, even though the toddler was safe. This brave dog proved that “aggressive” breeds are often much kinder and more nurturing than harsh stereotypes make people believe.

Dog Refuses to Leave Boy’s Side

Kh’amorion’s dad saw the neighbor’s post about the boy on social media, so he rushed to pick up his son. The dog was still by the boy’s side when the dad arrived, but the dog didn’t belong to the family. The dad hasn’t shared how the boy escaped in the first place.

“It takes a village and children, especially, are innocent. It is important that we stick together, that we help each other. That we build a sense of unity,” the neighbor said.

Boy reunited with dad

After going back home, Kh’amorion kept saying, “puppy” repeatedly. He hadn’t forgotten the furry friend who kept him safe. His family wasn’t able to adopt the stray dog, but the police were impressed by the dog’s protective instincts. St. Louis police officers are thinking about adopting the heroic pooch.

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