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How To Train Your Dog Not To Jump On People

Dog jumping up

Some dogs love to jump up when they’re excited or seeking attention. It may be cute the first time around, but it can quickly get out of control without proper training. Dogs don’t mean to cause trouble when they jump; they just want to greet people and play. So, correcting this behavior requires certain training methods to keep your dog content while preventing them from jumping on people. For this training topic, we’ve consulted Paige Gordon, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog … Read more

Perfectly Practical Reasons Why Dogs Eat Their Own Vomit

If you spend enough time around dogs, eventually you will witness one of their most dreaded behaviors. Whether they eat too quickly or simply swallow something that doesn’t agree with them, dogs occasionally vomit. And when they do, some of them choose to eat it. As disgusting as it may seem, scarfing down their own barf is a normal canine behavior with some remarkably reasonable explanations. A warm, foamy pile of fresh vomit may make our stomachs turn, but to dogs … Read more

Does Your Dog Have a Gnawing Problem? Try These 4 Tips

Chewing is an important part of a dog’s life – it keeps their teeth healthy, it’s fun for them, and it’s a big part of how they explore their environment. But there’s “good” chewing and then there’s “bad” chewing, which can involve things like shoes, wires, furniture, even walls. Your dog is going to need to chew, but it’s up to you to teach him the difference between the good and the bad, for his health, safety, and your relationship. … Read more

Small Dog Owners Report Striking Similarities In Their Dogs’ Behavior

The Canine Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ) is an online survey that asks owners to rate their dogs on nearly three dozen problem behaviors. The questionnaire also records the breed, size, and weight of each participating pooch. A study based on 8,301 C-BARQ profiles of dogs representing 49 breeds found that the owners of smaller dogs reported more behavioral issues than those with larger breeds. The study took into account various combinations of height, weight, and head shape, and found that … Read more

Resource Guarding In Dogs: What Is It & What Can You Do To Stop It?

Is your dog possessive of his toys, bones, treats, beds, or even his favorite humans? Behaviorists refer to this as resource guarding and it can be very a serious problem. Some dogs are so intent on protecting an item that they become aggressive towards other pets or people in the home. Although the reasons behind this behavior are unclear, professional trainers have methods that can help you prevent accidental bites and rehabilitate your possessive pup. Robin Bennett is a knowledge assessed … Read more

My dog has high anxiety when I leave…what causes it and what should I do?

  Anxiety is one of the single most common behavior problem pup parents enquire about. Why does my dog cry/bark/dig/pace/house soil/destroy property when I leave her home alone? Separation anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in many different ways, from mildly inconvenient behaviors to activities that threaten their very health and safety. Luckily, there are answers to your questions and resources to help your pup through this frightening and frustrating issue! We sat down with one of our favorite pet … Read more

5 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Hurting Your Dog’s Feelings

A Harvard psychologist recently declared that when dogs dream they are likely reliving their experiences with their humans. Those yips and kicks we see are their reactions to either pleasing us or annoying us in dreamland. For better or worse, our dogs’ entire lives revolve around us. If they do not get enough of our time or that time is marred by unwarranted punishments, it can leave lasting emotional scars. Dog owners usually make one of these 5 mistakes because … Read more