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Why Is My Dog So Particular About Where & When She Poops?

I often joke that my dog, Finch “holds his poop for ransom” until he gets his daily walk. Not only does he refuse to move his bowels in the backyard, he also waits until the very end of his walk to go. While the answer to Finch’s persnickety poo behavior is pretty simple – he wants to get the longest walk possible – other doggy-doo dilemmas are not so cut and dried. There are a variety of possible social, behavioral … Read more

Does Your Pup Have Greasy/Fatty Looking Poos? This Could Be Why…

Does your dog’s poop look different lately? Your dog’s feces are a huge indicator as to what’s going on with his overall health, so any change is important to note. While unusual poop or diarrhea should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian if it doesn’t clear up within a couple of days, poop that looks greasy or fatty may indicate that your dog isn’t digesting his food properly. What could be causing that, and what can you do … Read more

Soon Your Dog Could Be Pooping In This “Smart Toilet”

Truly there has never been a better time for innovations in dog potty technology. Recently, I told you all about the [still in-development] dog poop scooper robot Beetl. Here comes the latest defecation technology for pups: an indoor “smart toilet!” That’s right, there’s finally a major upgrade from pee pads in the works. According to designers Newtons Box, the product known as INUBOX gained major attention at the CES technology trade show in 2019. “On January 2019 we launched our first … Read more

8 Weird Things Dogs Do When They Poop

Watching our pups poop is a big part of every dog parent’s life. The frequency, color, and consistency of their “offerings” tell us a great deal about their health, so we dutifully pay attention whenever our pooches assume the position. You may have noticed when dogs poop they often perform a number of behaviors that may seem weird to us. But rest assured, they actually serve an important purpose. 1. Holding Out for the Perfect Spot Does your dog search … Read more

Why Is My Dog So Excited After She Poops?

Does your dog get “the zoomies” after relieving herself? Maybe she looks like she’s practicing a touchdown dance. Whatever the case, why does your dog get so excited after she poops? It turns out, there are many possible explanations for this funny behavior. Here are the 4 most likely reasons your dog races away from her poop as if it’s on fire. #1 – She feels rewarded One of the best ways to potty train a dog is to reward … Read more

Comedian Pranks Woman Who Refused To Clean Up Her Dog’s Poop At LAX

Airline travel seems to bring out the absolute worst in some people. Several unfortunate globetrotters at LAX experienced this firsthand when a dog mom refused to pick up her pup’s doo-doo. Steve Hofstetter is a professional comedian who understands the stress of traveling with dogs, but even he was shocked and appalled by the behavior of this particular airline patron. **Note: None of the photos in this post are of the “actual” dog! Now dogs will be dogs, so … Read more

If Your Dog Swallows Any Of These 7 Common Household Items, Head To The Vet

Black pug covered in toilet paper and carrying a toilet paper roll

Dogs “see” the world through their noses, and taste is closely tied into their sense of smell. Some veterinarians and animal behaviorists feel that this may be why pups eat items that are most certainly not food. Whether they swallow a dangerous substance out of curiosity, excitement or just by accident, seeking veterinary help quickly can make all the difference. Here are some common materials pups have been known to eat that definitely warrant a visit to the vet. 1. … Read more

From The Vet: What It Really Means When Your Dog Eats Poop

Dogs eat poop for many reasons, and some of these reasons are unknown. It is a disgusting habit in the eyes of human caregivers. In order to try and figure out why a specific dog is engaging in coprophagia (ingesting feces), it is first important to know which poop he’s eating. The most important thing to know is that coprophagia is considered normal behavior (although gross) in canines. Some people have examined possible causes to try to find ways to … Read more

Why Is My Dog So Picky About Where To Poop?

Ah, the age-old question. Every dog owner certainly wonders at least once. Why is it that dogs are so picky about where they poop? It seems as though Fido must sniff every single blade of grass, circle a certain number of times, triple check, and maybe make a decision. What seems like it should take a few minutes can go into the double digits, and it’s always when the humans are on a time schedule! So what gives? While there’s … Read more