Nom Nom Dog Food Review [2022] – My Vet Was Surprised!

Nom Nom Dog Food Review With Veterinarian Reported Results Earlier this year, I began feeding my dogs fresh dog food. It was a decision that came with a lot of consideration. Based on everything I read, fresh dog food was the best for my dogs, especially considering I had been feeding them kibble for their first four years. After A LOT of painstaking research, I settled on Nom Nom Dog Food, for reasons I’ll share with you shortly. Six months … Read more

Allergy Advice for Pups with Itchy Inflamed Skin

Sneezing, watery eyes, and stuffy noses come to mind when we think of allergies. Although dogs can exhibit respiratory problems due to an allergic reaction, it is more common to see skin problems in dogs with allergies. Let’s look at the symptoms, causes, and treatments of allergies in dogs. With some expert advice from our friends at Nom Nom, clear skin and an itch-free living are in your pup’s future! What do Allergic Reactions Look Like in Dogs One of … Read more

How Much and How Often to Feed Your Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home means endless cuddles, romping and playing around, sloppy kisses, and sweet puppy breath. They bring so much excitement and happiness into our lives, and we want to provide the best care for these bundles of joy. Making sure your puppy is happy and healthy starts with understanding proper nutrition right from the start. This is a vital component to raising a puppy that will become a healthy, happy, and energetic adult dog. To get more … Read more

Have You Seen Where Your Dog Food is Made?

When you think about a facility that produces dog food, do images of conveyer belts, giant vats,  and push brooms removing sloppy waste from the floor may come to mind? Dog food and dog food factories don’t always inspire confidence in people, especially when we are constantly bombarded with recalls, warnings, and health scares surrounding the industry. Well, get ready for a breath of fresh air. The facility where Nom Nom cooks their fresh food for pets is squeaky clean, … Read more

The Long Term Cost of Cheap Dog Food

The dog food market presents a dizzying array of choices for pet parents. Before you decide which particular brand or formula to feed your pupper, it’s important to understand the different types of food that are available and how they may impact your budget and your dog. Whether you are new to the pet parenting game or just looking to change things up for the health and wellbeing of your fur baby, we’ve got the scoop on the different kinds … Read more

The Trouble with Kibble: 4 Things You Don’t Know About Dry Dog Food

If you love your dog, and we know you do, you might want to start thinking about his food the way you do your own.  Do you wonder why every piece of kibble is the exact same shape? Are you curious how kibble can sit in a pantry for years at a time and not go bad? Do you ever think about how kibble is affecting your dog’s health? Just as with human food, not all dog food is created … Read more

I Switched My Dogs From “Healthy” Kibble to Fresh Food For 30 Days To See What The Hype Was About – Here’s What Happened

You and I have something in common. I guarantee it. We both love dogs, and we both want what’s best for them. On this latter point, I decided to start looking at healthy, fresh food options for my pups. But let’s face it – as much as I love them and want what’s best for them, I just don’t have time to cook homemade meals for them everyday. For those of you that make this happen, I applaud you. But … Read more