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3 Unhealthy Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Treats

When it comes to choosing the right dog treats, you might find yourself feeling lost looking down the aisle at your local pet supply store. Or maybe you’re browsing the web all day, looking for the perfect snack for your pup. Wherever you find yourself, you’re probably being bombarded with information regarding one important factor: ingredients. What goes into your dog’s body has a huge impact on their health and well-being, so looking at ingredients is something you should take … Read more

5 Reasons Grooming Is Vital To Your Dog’s Health

While most dog owners get their dogs groomed to keep them looking their best, many overlook just how important proper grooming is. Grooming is an integral part of your dog’s health and well-being and even a short-coated dog can suffer from a lack of grooming. The amount of grooming your pooch will need depends on their coat type, but adequate grooming is important for all dogs. Whether you take your pup to the groomer or tackle the task yourself, keep in … Read more

5 Strange Eating Habits And What They Mean About Your Dog

Your dog’s quirks only make you love them more, but sometimes their behavior is downright strange. When it comes time for dinner, many dogs express themselves in mysterious ways. Understanding why dogs do what they do isn’t exactly science, but there is something to say about putting yourself in their paws. If you start thinking like a dog, you might be able to figure out exactly why your pup insists on a particular behavior at meal time. Here are a … Read more

Bloat Kills Nearly Half The Dogs It Affects; Here’s What You Can Do About It

You may have heard of dogs getting “bloat,” but do you know what it actually is? How about it’s mortality rate? What about warning signs and ways to prevent it? We hate thinking about our dogs getting sick, but in life, some things are inevitable. All we can do is try our best to prevent certain conditions and know warning signs for early detection and treatment. We are our dogs’ advocates, and when it comes to keeping them healthy, knowledge is power! Read … Read more

10 Dog Breeds That Are Prone To Cancer

There are as many different dog breeds as there are personal lifestyles, so it’s no wonder that some people are particularly fond of a certain type of dog. Unfortunately, many breeds (including mixed breeds) are prone to certain health issues, including types of cancers. Below are 10 dog breeds that tend to be prone to this disease. While the list is by no means extensive – and it’s possible for any dog to get cancer – the more you know, the more you can … Read more

5 Ways To Calm Your Hyperactive Dog

Some dogs have more energy than others, even individuals within the same breed. While active dogs are beneficial to those looking for a regular exercise partner, they are often difficult to manage in your typical household. Hyperactive dogs aren’t just limited to the working breeds, however. They come in all shapes, sizes and genetic backgrounds. In fact, where your dog came from or what kind he is really doesn’t matter – what matters is that hyperactive dogs are difficult to live with. … Read more

3 Ways To Spoil Your Dog This Winter

Winter is upon us and when the weather gets cold, we tend to hunker down with our families and loved ones – both two- and four-legged. Our dogs are just as much a part of our families, and we want them there with us; that’s why we them as have companions! While we can get them material things like toys and treats, there are other ways we can treat our pups this season that’ll leave them fulfilled. 1. Take A Day Trip Day trips … Read more

Here’s How Secondhand Smoke Affects Your Dog

We’re all likely aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. There are countless controversial advertisements, warnings, people, and organizations arguing back and forth about just how unhealthy smoking is. But the focus is solely on humans. Yes, humans are the ones doing the smoking, but you’ve likely heard about how second- and third-hand smoke harms children and other non-smokers that are exposed. This also stands true for our pets. While we’re not here to discuss whether you should or shouldn’t smoke … Read more

8 Things Your Senior Dog Will Thank You For Doing

  As our dogs age, their bodies change and their needs will start to differ. While they’ll always be our baby puppies, our senior dogs are going to have some special needs. They become more sensitive physically and mentally, their bodies and minds start to change, and they will need some extra help living out their golden years in happiness and health. If you’re wondering how you can make life better for your aging pup, consider these tips. #1 – … Read more

From A Vet: 10 Early Warning Signs Of Canine Cancer

We hate the thought of our pups becoming ill, but being educated is key to keeping our dogs as healthy as possible. Everyone knows that the quicker cancer is found and diagnosed, the better the chances are of fighting it off and prolonging your dog’s life. While annual check-ups at the vet are important, a year between visits is just too long when it comes to fighting cancer. Canines are susceptible to the same types of cancers as humans, but they can metastasize at a … Read more

8 Things In Your Home That Are Toxic To Dogs

We’ve all had that dog that will literally eat anything – food item or not. It’s important to remember that there are many things that are toxic to dogs. That goes for both your rambunctious puppy or your older explorer looking to expand his palate. Most are aware of common rat baits and chocolates. But below you’ll find some of the lesser-known examples of items found in many homes. 1. Apple Seeds An apple a day keeps the doctor away – … Read more