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10 Herbal Supplements To Heal & Nurture Your Dog’s Stiff & Arthritic Joints

You want to help your dog feel better and not be in so much pain, but you aren’t wild about giving them prescription medication for the rest of their life. Or maybe you’re looking for something extra to supplement a medication recommended by the vet. Either way, you’ll be happy to know that there are many different supplements that have been shown to improve pain and joint function in dogs with arthritis. According to PetMD: “By their nature, nutritional supplements (also … Read more

4 Natural Ingredients That Help Nurture & Heal Your Dog’s Joints

As your dog ages, you may notice he’s becoming stiff and slow – the same way people do as they get older. You’ll notice several changes as your puppy becomes an old fella, and you’ll want to respond to the changes the best way you can. In recent years, people have been turning back to nature to find relief from their own ailments, including joint issues as they age. The same can work for finding joint supplements for dogs. The … Read more

The Surprising Reason Your Dog Could Be Gaining Weight

Obesity is as big of a problem for our pets as it is for us. They can suffer from many of the same weight-related issues that we do that can reduce their length and quality of life. So you know you need to watch your dog’s weight to help them stay healthy and happy. What if your dog starts gaining weight and you aren’t sure why? If you haven’t changed their diet, the next thing to look at is their … Read more

5 Tips For Preventing Joint Problems In Your Dog

Unfortunately, joint pain and problems are a common part of getting older for both humans and our pups. While large breed dogs are more prone to joint problems than smaller dogs, any dog can suffer as they get older. Is there anything you can do to prevent joint problems from starting in the first place? The answer is yes! These 5 tips will give you a head start in preventing joint problems in your dog, or at least minimize symptoms.  … Read more

5 Reasons Dogs Need Collagen In Their Diet

Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and connective tissues like joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. In fact, 30% of the total protein in a dog’s body is collagen. It determines the strength and elasticity of their hair, bones, nails, and teeth. As dogs age, their capacity to produce collagen diminishes making them more susceptible to injuries, painful conditions of the bones and joints, and poor skin and coat health. The depletion of healthy collagen in the body is … Read more