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The 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Some dogs are known for their looks, others for their personality, but these breeds are renowned for their brains! These are the dogs that learn how to open the fridge to get their favorite snack, and outsmart you when it comes to training. They’ll have no problems picking up new tricks and will be extra-forgiving if you bungle up training a little. Here’s to the smart dogs that keep us on our toes: #10 – Australian Cattle Dog Number 10 … Read more

JUST RELEASED: 100 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In The United States

Warning: Some of the images below are difficult to look at. You don’t need to tell an animal lover that puppy mills are horrific. They’re virtual torture chambers filled with cramped cages, filth, starvation, and disease. That’s why advocates are adamantly against purchasing from pet stores and online; these “puppy mill” dogs often make up their supply. Shelters, rescues, and even reputable breeders are the only way to go when it comes to adding a furry friend to the family.;~;g1FLuIBviCnD7hRunTkF3kNDaK6IWdhZqv74l6Q9iAZyksgFw4WqJZ~_m94CQbkC0NDRCs~-.bps.a.1453223301364625.1073741853.211466995540268/1453224144697874/?type=3&theater   … Read more